Zenith Ultrafine Mill Insists On Recycling Economy

The whole production process is in a closed environment.
The slag cement production line made by Zenith can process blast furnace 12 million tons every year, and new ultrafine mill is grinding equipment which is designed by super fine powder processing and has irreplaceable advantage in processing craft of blast furnace slag micro powder.
A series of grinder mills made by Zenith, especially ultrafine mill, is widely used in cement and concrete industry, which effectively improve blast furnace slag value from the original effluent sales to deep processing development utilization of resources.
The research and development of processing craft blast surface slag micro powder make a significant role in ultrafine mill.
As we all know, in slag cement production, a large amount of waste slag made by blast furnace iron making is dried and enters into ultrafine mill by long closed belt. After high new technology dealing, giant cleaner will make slag superfine powder directly input to the shipping department.
ultrafine mill made by our company not only meet the demand on cement processing and the quantities of blast furnace processing, not also can meet the demand on quality. Zenith has rich experience in production, sale, research, and export of grinder mill. The ultrafine mill, Raymond mill and other kinds of mills are used in many fields, which play a great role in these industries.

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