Your new hairstyle should be decorated with pearls

Your new hairstyle should be decorated with pearls, feathers or strawberries
Rock and roll hair is an irreversible trend if done well. Try to use this hairstyle to ensure success. Follow this step carefully.
Step 1: Separate the upper part with a tail comb and fix it with pliers. Do you also need a cardiac catheter? Reach

Step 2: Make a banana bun with the back part. In order to achieve this, scorch in the central area, do not forget the paint. Clean the top of your hair Then, completely abandon a C? Fix everything with a flat clip. Finally, turn inside to make sure that all fingerprints are hidden.

Step 3: Level the lead on C. Put them in a banana bun
Step 4: To make the hull, make a pancake core, which is very close to the full lace wigs root. Then one by one, one by one, back to the back. Wear as many clothes as possible
Do you want a new nightclub hairstyle? Learn to make a bun, a simple and fast tie. Follow the pace

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