Yeah, do you see any iops hitting land ones?

Yeah, do you see any iops hitting land ones? I don’t. A.K.A. you traded the raw power of a monoelement build for the flexibility of Dofus Kamas Buy this omni build. Omni doesn’t necessarily have weak hits, it just does not hit as hard as builds with less elements.Ok, let’s swap the case to a feca then. Still hell. Probably even worse, because it also has AP reduction.You may mage the defenses to possess +summons, and I’d say protects affect osas pretty positively, since they give osas better survivability. Again, the shield that fosters vitality heals and melee resistance while lowering weapon damage is a shining example of a defense an osa would utilize.

That is a mistake on their part, I had proposed for them to replace it with something else such as“Searing Arrow“ exactly the same effects, just different name and cartoons but they didn’t – heck they even have Feca’s Class spell termed as Reinforced Protection but it disables the use of defense spells. I understand this is a dream game but really Lynn? Then they should not be called Shields at all but something else.

You won’t see omni iops hitting hard on mono earth ones with earth spells, but would you see mono earth ones coping damage utilizing the other charms that the omni iops have access to? Omni has access where they can exploit something or the weakest part resistance of someone and use it to their benefit thus they do not lose anything at all but instead gain. . – at a realistic scenario we will not be battling poutches with every resistance being 0 so there are many instances where mono assembles are hindered – gone are the days where you simply need 1 anger to burst finish a boss since it would not be sufficient you would need help from Erosion, SoF and Duel.

Does this mean that if we’re in possession of a protector, it means that after the upgrade, those are going to be well worth exactly the same as the ones we could currently craft for 50Kk? When mimisymbics were inserted to the Dofus game, you guys were the people who let’s mimic those rare busted shields and you should have expected the inflation of the costs since they were so rare. We’d have never purchased them if there were not any mimisymbics in this Dofus match but we never understood that you could ruin the worth of a product like this. Decreasing its worth by Buy Dofus Kamas echo 10000 percent for its trendiest e.g. the asse along with also the fan shields. It’s complete nonsense to promote the inflation of an item such as that and then just destroying the rare aspect of it whenever you desire. You should at least unmimic of the broken shields and give an air and a title to the holder? Or a emote like superhero or /gift or /portal or even the one for frigost. I mean ankama has to differentiate the older shields from those that a lvl 50 can now have.

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