WoW Classic will soon get a role transfer to help extend queue time

Players can now return to Azeroth as they did in 2006: On August 26, the World of Warcraft classic server went live. But the queue time for playing games has grown a lot of players, which in turn has led developers to make some adjustments. The company has increased the number of people allowed to play on the server and quickly allowed players to move their population from a more populated server to another, smaller server.

On Tuesday, Blizzard released a message about the free role on the WoW Classic forum. Mobile parts are a way to help balance the server community and reduce the time it takes to log in to the game. The developer said that the option would be offered to select areas for free in the coming days. Players who want to participate in a role transfer must ensure that their role is not a guild leader, there is no active auction listing or bid, and there is an empty mailbox.

On August 28, the Blizzard forum posted an earlier post around the Blizzard Forum on Warcraft Classics. It has noticed an increase in how many people who can sign in and play games, anticipating shorten the wait time, or some servers don’t want it at all. I also wish to change the standards and rules for a way WoW Classic Gold gets it.

World of Warcraft game director Ian Haz Costas responded to the Blizzard Forum’s criticism of the long queue. „We have tried to prioritize the long-term health of our community, recognizing that if we are below the markup of the startup server, we can act quickly and add additional areas during the opening hours,“ he said on Tuesday. „But if we sell too many servers, weeks or months, we will face more difficult problems.“

WoW Classic began to go online in the Americas at 3 pm. The PT re-entered the game on August 26 and once again experienced a massively multiplayer role-playing game. However, players trying to log in immediately may find themselves waiting. Multiple players share their queuing time in the WoW Classic subreddit, waiting for hours from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Another sign of World of Warcraft’s popularity: On Monday, more than 1 million viewers watched various games at Twitch. According to SullyGnome, the Twitch analysis site, viewers have waited more than 20 million hours in the past seven days. And the number of people who bought Cheap WoW Classic Gold at GameMS has also grown dramatically.

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