Worldwide fiber news and innovation roundup of 2017

Worldwide fiber news and innovation roundup of 2017

Fiber-optic broadband is changing lives around the globe – whether it’s enabling people to work and study remotely, the rise of more clever and connected gadgets, increased demand for digital storage methods, or the simple pleasure of streaming Ultra HD TV.fiber optic cable products

In this blog post, we look back over some of the highlights within the fiber industry over the past year, with a roundup of news, developments and innovations from around the globe.

U.S. and Alaska
The Fiber Broadband Association released a new white paper, The Road to 5G is Paved with Fiber, in December 2017. It highlights the crucial importance that fiber broadband is going to play in supporting the next generation of 5G wireless networks. A panel of industry experts came together to discuss the findings, including President and CEO of the Fiber Broadband Association, Heather Burnett Gold, who commented: “Fiber broadband is an integral part of the 5G story and we are glad to be telling that story and sharing this key research. Fiber-connected 5G can and will accelerate the connected future for our country, our businesses and our communities.”
Bandwidth services provider Quintillion completed the installation of the Alaska Arctic portion of its international subsea fiber-optic cable system in October 2017, launching it into five Alaskan communities in early December 2017. The cable system delivers gigabit and higher bandwidth services over a 1,400 mile network and is anticipated to help spur economic development, empower local businesses and provide consumers with access to video and other high-speed applications that were previously unavailable or unaffordable. The network has been built to withstand the harsh weather conditions and seasonal changes associated with an Arctic climate. It forms just one part of the Quintillion project which, when completed, will connect London and Tokyo and will be the first fiber-optic cable to cross the Arctic.
Latin America
Chile’s plans to expand its undersea fiber-optic network across the Pacific to China and south to Patagonia attracted interest from international companies, including Amazon, in June 2017. While Chile is considered one of Latin America’s most developed countries in telecom terms, telecoms undersecretary Rodrigo Ramirez announced it is seeking to consolidate its existing networks. The project will connect Patagonia as far south as Puerto Williams, on the tip of Cape Horn, and will be the most southerly cable in the world. Amazon is looking to expand its cloud business internationally and has signed an understanding with Chile to help modernize the country’s government systems.

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