Working principle and trouble shooting of PCD tool grinder machine

How does the PCD tool grinder machine?
First, the role of the knife
The cutter cylinder is mainly used for the spindle cutter in the automatic or semi-automatic exchange mechanism of the five-axis CNC machining center and the CNC milling cutter tool, and can also be used as the clamping device for the clamp and other mechanisms. The 30# spindle generally uses a 2.0T knife cylinder. The 40# spindle generally uses a 3.5T knife cylinder. The 50# spindle generally uses a 6T knife cylinder.
Second, the working principle of the knife cylinder
The five-axis CNC machining center spindle is generally equipped with a cutter cylinder to complete the tool holder installation and replacement. It is a force-enhancing gas-liquid conversion device. The compressed air acts on the piston of the knife cylinder to generate thrust. The cutter head is clamped by the pull cylinder. When the knife is under the knife, the cutter head is loosened and cleaned by means of “blowing”. It is easy to change the knife and realize the action of the mechanical device.
PCD tool grinder machine Working principle and trouble shooting
1. The knife cylinder electromagnetic valve leaks
(1) The air leakage of the silencer is caused by the wear of the seal ring in the valve body or the foreign body in the valve body, so that the piston inside the valve is returned to the position, and the seal ring can be replaced inside the hair body.
(2) Leakage at the coil, the gasket in the valve body is damaged or the valve body screw is loose, check the valve body fixing screw, replace the gasket
2. „External leakage“ failure occurs at the piston rod of the knife cylinder
(1) Check whether the guide sleeve and the piston rod seal are worn, and whether the piston rod is eccentric. If the above situation occurs, replace the piston rod and seal ring to improve the lubrication effect, and use the guide rail.
(2) Check the piston rod for scratches and corrosion. If there is any scratch or corrosion, replace the piston rod.
(3) Check if there is any impurity between the piston rod and the guide sleeve. If there are impurities, remove the impurities and install the dust seal.
3. “External leakage” failure occurs at the tool cylinder block and end cap of the tool grinder
(1) Whether the sealing ring is damaged or not, if it is damaged, replace the sealing ring.
(2) Check if the fixing screws are loose. If loose, tighten the fixing screws.
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