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Driving from Jerusalem to Eilat you can 1000’s of years in history in just 500km. Quatzer el Yahud The place where the children of Israel crossed the Jordan River to enter The Promised Land is the traditional site of the baptism of Jesus. Pilgrims from many lands celebrate the event every year in a colourful procession nike air max 90 sale , leaving from the nearby monasteries. Qumran Overlooking the Dead sea, the reined village of Oumran was deserted for almost 2000 years. The hidden Scroll found in the caves in 1947 exposed the secret life of the isiyim, a small ultra religious sect, who hid there from the roman enemy. In the harsh Judean desert during the long nights they copied the bible onto scrolls. When the Roman came, they hid the scrolls in the caves and some the sect joined the rebels at Massada. The sect regulations of the Isiyim are one of the most intriguing items of the scrolls to be seen in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Mamshit ( Kurnub) A Nabatean city sat on the route from the Idumean Mountains to Jerusalem. The city is the smallest but best restored city in the Negev Desert. The once luxurious houses have unusual architecture not found in any other Nabatean city. Entire streets have survived intact, two beautiful churches with a colorful mosaic floor and marble pillars were discovered in Mamshit. An interesting tour to the nearby stream and its dams put light on the greatest ability of the Nabateans how to collect the precious water and use it. Bet Lehem The birthplace of David, king of Israel and Jesus Christ. Here came Joseph and Mary for the census and here in a small cave she gave birth to the baby Jesus and laid him in a manger.The first church of the Nativity was built here in the 4th century and became the holy shrine for the Christian world. Ein Gedi The biggest and most beautiful oasis in the Dead Sea. In the nature reservation of Ein Gedi, the David and Arugut streams meet and their water gives life to an exciting variety of animals – the grass eaters like the remarkable mountain goats and the agile rock conies and their “friendly neighbors” – the very few tigers and some smaller predators. A path leads from the entrance through green vegetation up to the Shulamit and David falls. Other attractions are found in the Botanicals gardens in the nearby kibbutz nike air max 2015 sale , the famous spa and the organized tours. Massada 500 meters high above the dead sea. The fortress of Massada is set on a giant cliff, 600m. length, 300m. Width and 2000 years old. The story of Massada is probably the story of the region a few Jewish zealots facing the old world. It was Herod, the great builder, who decided to build here, in the middle of nowhere one of the greatest castles in history. A cable car takes the visitors up to the cliff’ to an unforgettable tour of palaces. The warehouses and resident areas, the water complex, the remarkable fortified system and to the most fascinating views of the Judean Desert. Kfar Hanoqdim small village lies in Qanaim (Zealots) valley is an oasis surrounded in palm trees and fruit trees mentioned in the bible. The village offers its visitors accommodations and varied activities in the desert. Among it traditional Bedouin khafla (feasts) nike air max 1 sale , camels and donkeys trips, desert survival and night activities. Ein Bokek The Bokek stream cut its way, 10 km at the Judan Desert cliff to create remarkable canyon views and high falls. The tour starts at the main road across from hotel strip, passes thought green stream vegetation up to Ein Bokek, a flowing spring with a charming pool, surrounded with cane plants and Shulamit hair. Jericho The “city of palms” is one of the most ancient towns in the world. Here, in the beautiful oasis, according to the bible nike air max zero for sale , the Israelite spies entered the land of Cannan, and Joshua Bin Nun conquered the city in a very original way. Ovdat One of the Nabateans cities in the Negev, named after the Nabateans king, Ovdat. The city sits on the Perfumes Road. The smart nabateas developed an remarkable agriculture civilaztion based on water reservoirs, irrigation ditches and marvelous terraces. The pagan nabateans adopted the Christian religion and built churches. Close by is a beautiful pond of Ein Ovdat a hidden spring in the desert. Timna Park The park located north of Eilat, contains remarkable natural phenomena: kings Solomon’s Pillars, the Mushroom, and Arches beside fascinating remnants of primitive cultures at the Chariots rock carving woolrich womens parka sale , the Shrine of Hathor, and ancient copper furnaces. The new multimedia presentation Mines of time, explores King Solomon’s Mines, where over 6000 years, ancient Egyptians first began copper mining until 1976 when the copper furnaces were shut down. Eilat It was Solomon the king who built a port in the city of Etzion Gaver, where ships loaded cooper and unloaded spices and perfumes. Long before the ‘wisest man’, the people of Israel rested here on their long journey from Egypt to Canaan. Tens of tourists that visit the sunny city every year enjoy the splendid hotels, the warm weather and the fine beaches. Diving tours and desert trips together with remarkable sites complete with endless variety of Eilat’s tourist attractions. The underwater Observation located 6 meters below sea level at the bottom of the White Tower. A tunnel joins the two underwater halls. One of which watches the surrounding corals .The visitor can stand here for hours watching the scenes changing from window to the window woolrich jackets outlet , by hour, day and by the season of the year. The Dolphin reef – an ecologic site unique in Israel and throughout the world where visitors can enjoy a natural atmosphere, magical views, secluded beach, together with the unusual opportunity of meeting and watching dolphins in their natural habitat. A group of bottlenose dolphins, including babies born at the site, maintain their daily routine of hunting, playing and socializing woolrich jackets sale , visitors can enjoy getting close to the dolp.

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