Which season is best for hair removal?

There are many mistakes in the best season for hair removal. They think that summer is more suitable than other seasons, so in fact, which one is the best? Let us look at the following answers from different experiences:

1. Dr. Liang:

Many people have misunderstood that when the summer is coming or has arrived, go to the beauty salon or hospital for hair removal. In fact, this practice is not advisable. The summer skin is exposed to the outside, and the UV damage to the skin is very good. At the same time, we are very prone to sweating, which is a great stimulus for the area where hair is removed, and it is easy to cause pigmentation. The hair removal based on the equipment used usually takes 5-8 times, 30-45 days apart, so the best hair removal should start from autumn or winter, so when it is close to summer, the body surface of the excess hair is basically removed, although Did not spend too much energy on sun protection to avoid some of the drawbacks of summer hair removal.

Dr. Wu:

This season is not a problem as it can be done in any season. If you want to wear a short skirt or vest in the summer and don’t want to feel embarrassed about troublesome hair, you should start hair removal in winter or spring, because the hair removal treatment process takes 6 times and takes about 6 months to complete. Therefore, when you start from the winter, the summer basically ends the treatment. So if you ask what season is suitable for hair removal, it should be the most suitable time from October this year to May next year!

Dr. Tu:

1. Diode laser hair removal treatment is better in spring and autumn. The hair growth cycle is divided into three stages: growth period, rest period, and withdrawal period, generally 4-6 times to obtain a more satisfactory hair removal effect. Treatment begins in the spring and until the summer, the best results are achieved.

2. The best hair removal invisibility In order to ensure the best therapeutic effect, you can not scratch yourself or pull out new hair during treatment to avoid stimulating hair follicle activity. Choose the area for hair removal in autumn and winter, wear more clothes, and cover the treatment area without worrying about the hair growth process being discovered.

3. Better hair removal in spring and autumn Hair removal and hair thickness, density, position, the degree of coloration and energy effects are all relevant. In autumn and winter, the skin is whiter than summer. When the skin is safest, the relative energy of optical hair removal treatment can be higher than that in summer, and it will achieve better results.

4. Quickly restore hair loss in spring and autumn after summer hair removal, because outdoor high temperature and high intensity of ultraviolet light will cause a lot of sweat on your skin, affecting the normal recovery of the skin. In the spring, the ultraviolet rays are not strong, the temperature is suitable, and there is no need to worry about these problems, which can be regarded as the most favorable season for the whole year.

5. Spring and autumn laser hair removal without special post-operative care. After a week of hair removal, you should pay attention to strict sun protection, avoid high-intensity ultraviolet and hot water washing, and strong UV in summer. Sunscreen is a very troublesome job. The ultraviolet rays in spring are weak, and the clothes are blocked. Do not deliberately consider sun protection, which can make the skin better repaired.


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