which go deep into hair fibers

Natural dyeing
In order to be considered a plant, dyeing must consist entirely of natural ingredients, i.e. whether benzene is contained in different plant powders and compositions. Then the powder of these pigments will be mixed with hot water to get a dough and then applied to your hair for about a long time.

Unlike chemical pigments, which go deep into hair fibers to change the natural color of hair, natural pigments cover only the fibers. This approach is not only avoidable Clean your hair and give him a protective barrier. Bank!

Benefits of plant dyeing
Plant dyeing not only does not invade hair, but also makes human hair wigs hair softer and shinier than traditional dyeing. It’s always delicious!
Because natural pigments will mix with existing pigments in the fibers, in contrast, it will allow for smaller delays. Its length is equivalent to that of oxidized dyes.
Finally, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you can safely switch to this method.

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