What should be paid attention to when transporting the cutting piece

The cutting piece is very precise in its use, so pay attention to the storage method when transporting, to avoid damage on the road. What should you pay attention to?
1. We need to pack the 12 inches cut off wheel, it must be packaged intact, avoiding it, and it will cause it to be unusable.
2, the packaged cutting piece, when placed on the car, pay attention to the fixed, to avoid collision with other products in the transportation, the phenomenon of sliding caused other products to wear.
3, when handling, also take care to ensure the dryness of the car, can not be in contact with alkalis, so check the surrounding environment.
In short, when the cutting piece is transported, it should be carefully placed or packaged to avoid various kinds of damage. When you unload the car, it is best to stack it with a moisture-proof wooden pallet before placing it, to ensure a certain distance from the ground and avoid damp.
Toothed and round cut pieces are two different products, as the name suggests, one with serrations and one with rounded smooth cuts. What are the differences between the two in addition to the shape? The professional manufacturer of cutting discs introduces the difference between the tooth shape and the circular cutting piece.
1. The standard cut off wheel for metal is sharp, the heat dissipation is good, the chip removal is smooth, and it is suitable for cutting relatively thick stone. The tooth shape needs to be different according to the specific material of the cutting material, the size of the raw material, the cutting equipment and the cutting parameters. The number of teeth of the saw blade, the tooth shape of the saw blade, and the precision of the sawtooth grinding, and the precision of the grinding with the manual technology are selected. The content.
2, the circular cutting piece is suitable for the cutting material is relatively brittle, the thickness of the thin stone, the cut is more neat, the impact is small. Dry circular cutting sheets are basically used to cut metal, such as steel bars. After use, it should be naturally cooled. Wet means that it can be cooled by something like water.

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