What kind of mattress is it to protect your sleep quality?

Today’s mattress brands say that their products are designed and produced in combination with ergonomics, polymer materials, physics, traditional medicine, and negative ion mechanisms. There are also a variety of materials, but many consumers do not understand the so-called The high-tech, and many brands have “blowing and fraud”, so the big problem of choosing a mattress has been plaguing many consumers. Today, I will show you how to choose a good function mattress fabric?

Classification of mattresses

In general, mattresses mainly include cold foam mattresses, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, etc. The current use of more spring mattresses.

Spring mattress: The most common type of mattress, consisting of springs, fillers and mattress fabrics. It has good elasticity, good support, strong air permeability and durability. The spring provides the bearing capacity and the filling is determined. Soft and comfortable.

What kind of mattress can be called a good mattress?

  1. Have a soft material of sufficient thickness (not less than 2cm), such as sponge and cold foam, to ensure the relaxation of muscles and normal circulation of blood.
  2. The hardness is moderate and the supporting force is sufficient to ensure that the human skeleton is naturally supported. The spine can maintain a straight stretch regardless of the sleeping posture.
  3. To have good breathability, lying on the whole body can be fully relaxed, no fever, no sweating, etc., to ensure continuous sleep.

A long-term wrong sleeping position, especially the use of a bad mattress, can cause displacement of the vertebrae, thereby stimulating the internal nerves of the spine, causing the organs controlled by the nerves to gradually lose their normal function. The function of the mattress is to ensure that the consumer gets a healthy and comfortable sleep. A good mattress not only makes people sleep well, but also benefits the body.

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