What is the endogenous hair?

Ingrown hair can irritate the skin. It produces raised red bumps (or a set of bumps) that look like small pimples. Sometimes a hair with long hair can create a painful, boiling pain. You may notice the pus inside the abscess. Or you may see the hair that caused the problem. In men, the endogenous hair usually shows a small lump in the chin, cheek or neck after shaving. In women, hair growth is common in the legs and pubic regions and axilla. You can also grow hair on your hips.

How do you treat endogenous hair?

Usually, the endogenous hair disappears on its own. If it does not disappear, an ingrown hair may infect, darken the skin, or leave scars, especially if you have been scratching or itching. If a hair with long hair disturbs you or is already infected, your doctor can use a sterile needle or scalpel to make a small incision in your skin to release it. You can remove hair from a hairless laser-like:

808nm diode laser hair removal  mainly for a fairer skin tone. Gemini lasers are effective for all skin types, including darker Asian and African American skin colors, and are safer than other laser hair removal. If necessary, use anesthetic cream before treatment can effectively control the slight discomfort in treatment.

Laser hair removal is most effective for brown or black hair. White or gold hair lacks the pigment necessary to absorb the laser energy and therefore is not affected by the laser. Red hair also has very little pigmentation and therefore does not respond like black hair.

Both men and women can use 808 diode laser hair removal device to treat all areas of the face, neck, arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, back, chest and abdomen. Patients who grow hair from shave are particularly appreciative of the benefits of not having to shave. Pre-laser medical consultation is very important to rule out medical problems that may cause hair overgrowth. If this abnormal condition is found, medical treatment of the underlying problem is not only important for the patient’s health; it also corrects excessive hair growth.


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