What factors affect the life of grinding wheels?

Grinding wheel is a kind of abrasive grinding disc tools with a large amount of usage and scope, so we are more concerned about its life, in addition to normal wear, there are other reasons leading to this phenomenon, to understand these factors, can also extend the service life.


  1. The grinding wheel is made of abrasive and binder. Because the friction between the grinding wheel and the grinded workpiece produces a great deal of heat, the binder is easy to be softened.


  1. The depressed grinding disc for metal is a bit blunt after a long time of hard work, which is mainly due to the friction between the surface particles and the tool, will gradually wear blunt, when the grinding resistance exceeds the bonding force between the particles and binder, the particles began to fall off, and was replaced by new sharp particles.


  1. The grinding metal material and the binding agent are adhered to the gap between the sand grains, and the wheels are solid. If this kind of stopper grinding wheel continues to work, not only the work efficiency is quite low, the China abrasive tools for metal will become blue and cause annealing.


  1. On the other hand, if the binder can not bond the particles firmly, grinding between the particles has not become pure will make them fall off, so that the sand transmission line wear fast, easy to deformation, need to be regularly trimmed.


These four conditions are the key to the life of the grinding wheel, which should be paid special attention to in daily use.

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