What are the functional characteristics of cement vertical roller mill?

Roller cement vertical grinding operation is reliable
Vertical roller mills are two types of roll mill equipment, which can be equipped with an equal number of grinding rolls according to requirements. The vertical roller mill mainly uses a bracket to fix the rocker arm, and the hydraulic system constitutes the power unit of the whole crushing process. The power unit assembly thus designed is two integral or two components, and a corresponding number of components are disposed around the grinding roller. The Vertical Roller Mill with such a structure will form two efficient crushing lines, which will make the whole machine have special functional characteristics, which is also the advantage of vertical grinding.
The advantage of vertical roller mill
1. The noise reduction device can effectively reduce the noise volume in the production process of the mill, make it greener and more environmentally friendly, and meet the call of family policy, corresponding to the theme of environmental protection.
2. The energy consumed is obviously reduced. > The material falls to the center of the grinding disc by the impact of gravity and airflow. Under the action of the hydraulic system, the material is crushed by the action of pressure and friction, and the physical process is used to reduce the production process. Energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction.
3. The vibration generated by the smashing Chen is small, and the start-stop two-body completion is completed, and the whole process is basically free of vibration, which improves the stability of the equipment.
4, vertical roller mill adaptability is very strong, can be applied to different types of materials, for a variety of materials have shown a good crushing capacity, practice has proved that vertical roller mill is the crushing equipment used in the grinding equipment.
5. The vertical grinding volume is small and the floor space is small, which brings two advantages to the production site selection, and also brings great convenience to production.
6, the vertical grinding operation is simple, as long as a little understanding of the main components of the mill, can be skilled and safe operation. Maintenance is also convenient, suitable for most maintenance methods of the mill.
7. The use of dry hair grinding technology will show more excellent characteristics. Vertical grinding is more sensitive to the humidity of the material. The water content has a greater impact on the operation of the vertical roller mill. Dry milling is the preferred production of vertical grinding. the way.
The vertical grinding application is widely used, and it is different from the grinding machine equipment such as Raymond mill and superfine grinding. It is ground in the classic way of grinding the grinding wheel and grinding each other. The fineness of the finished product is good, the efficiency is high, the energy consumption is small, and it is two. These energy-saving and environmentally-friendly milling equipments have the advantage of supporting them as they are increasingly sought after by the market.

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