What are the common types of color steel sheet

What are the common types of color steel sheet?

According to insulation performance
A: Single-layer roof panel – a high quality color corrugated steel sheet that is rolled by a colored steel flat plate. The insulation performance of this roof panel is very poor;
B: Sandwich roof panel – it is made of two layers of waterproof color coated steel plate or other metal as the panel, and the sandwich panel material is composited in the middle. The commonly used sandwich materials are polystyrene, polyurethane and rock wool. The insulation performance of the roof panel is good, but due to the processing in the factory, when the length of the board exceeds certain requirements, transportation is difficult;
C: On-site composite board – Laying glass insulation cotton on the construction site, the roof panel can be processed on site according to the length requirement. This roof panel has good insulation performance, and the whole roof can be made without overlap and convenient for transportation.

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