What are the basic advantages of garden hose?

Yuyao Gaozhan Garden tools Co, Ltd., a foreign-oriented enterprise, was founded in 2009, specializing in producing garden tools and garden hoses. The main products of our company are series of expandable hose, flexible hose, metal hose, water spray gun, sprinkler, garden hose, recoil hose, car wash hose, hose connector and so on.

Gaozhan Garden Hose is highly recognized for its quality. The following small series will explain to you what are the advantages of basic pipe materials for garden hose, to learn more about them and how to select high quality garden hose.

  1. High heat resistance: It can resist high temperature fluid within 150℃, and can clean the interior of food hose and the ground.
  2. It is most suitable for low-temperature transportation: it can maintain good flexibility even at extremely low temperatures, and can be used as a filling and transportation tubing hose.
  3. Reduce disassembly and cleaning operations of joints: There are various special joints, which can reduce disassembly and cleaning operations of food rubber hose pipes. It is a joint structure suitable for filling operations, and liquid is not easy to accumulate.
  4. Comply with legal provisions: fully comply with the “Food Hygiene Law” and FDA specifications, and can be used at ease.
  5. Special reinforcement structure and crack prevention: Special reinforcement structure to prevent the joint edge from breaking and improve the reliability.
  6. Tasteless, odorless, odorless, and free of dissolved substances that will affect the fluid. It can be safely used in food and beverage, etc. and can be safely used as rubber hose for food and beverage.
  7. Convenient confirmation of fluid: The rubber hose is transparent, which can confirm the fluid and is very comfortable to use.

For more information about garden hoses, please continue to pay attention to us at https://www.gao-zhan.net/

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