What Are Fifth Freedom Flights?

Way back in 1944 when commercial flight was beginning to open up on an international scale, there needed to be some standardized rules put in place regarding the “Freedoms of the Air.”Cheap Flights from Saga to Shanghai

A meeting known as the Chicago Convention was called to coordinate international air travel and a numbered list of Freedoms, which now tallies nine, was created. These freedoms outline basic rights like airspace and operating regulations, and one, in particular, seems to garner the most controversy and attention.
The fifth airline freedom allows a carrier to fly between two separate foreign countries as long as the flight originates or terminates in the carrier’s home country. These routes often called add-on or tag flights, permit an airline to sell tickets on standalone city-to-city routes in countries that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to operate in.

As an example, Singapore Airlines operates a flight from Houston (IAH) to Singapore (SIN) that heads eastward with a brief stop in Manchester, UK (MAN). With fifth freedom rights, a passenger can fly only the Houston to Manchester segment of that flight with no need to travel onward to Singapore.

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