We want to keep this game intensity

The Rockets beat the Hawks 118-99 today NBA Live Coins and got their 60th win of the regular season this season. PJ Tucker accepted the interview after the match.

„Every game, we all play in a rocket-like way. No matter who is our opponent, we will play this kind of game strength,“ said Tucker.

Tucker went on to say: „For opponents like this, we want to attack them early and let them know that they haven’t had a chance to win. The entire game continues to perform this kind of performance, and it is imposed on them.“

Tucker talked about Harden giving his assists and said: „This is what James (Harden) did. He attracted a lot of attention. We have to focus on what we should do.“

„We let each other do this. We want to maintain the intensity of this game. We talk before the game, and we have to play with such strength and not relax, no matter who is our opponent,“ said Tucker.

In today’s game, Tucker played 30 minutes and got 12 points and 1 rebounds.

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