We must do more than brush our teeth to create optimal health

Through specific oral hygiene habits, we can actually lower the incidence of thug bugs in our mouths and the risk of allowing a chronic inflammatory cascade from undermining our health of the body.

Clues About Gum Disease From History
Thankfully, we can look back in history to find evidence unvarnished by greed or political agendas to learn how we can address gum disease.

We are proud to stand on the shoulders of giants like Weston A Price, Ralph Steinman, and Edward and May Mellanby. But today, we’d like to highlight Dr. Charles C dental implant machine. Bass, one of the first to shed light on the subject of gum disease.

Dr. Bass was a remarkable man. He was the youngest person to become a dean of a medical school, and the first person to carry a microscope west of the Mississippi River.

Most remarkably, when Dr dental file. Bass was diagnosed with advanced gum disease and instructed by his dentist to have all of his teeth extracted, he decided to take things into his own hands and do some research (just like you, you hero!).

(Being a parasitologist, Dr. Bass had already discovered parasites through the use of his microscope.) Dr. Bass put his skills toward figuring out what was causing the destruction in his mouth turbine air compressor.

Using his microscope, he easily identified the same ‘”thug bugs” that plague most mouths today. He then set out to figure out a technique that would help to disrupt and remove the thug bugs from his mouth. Through extensive trial and error, Dr. Bass created a toothbrush and method that effectively disrupts and removes bacteria from the teeth and gums.

As an example of history, Dr. Bass died an old man with all his natural teeth intact.

Why The Bass Brushing Technique Works
The Bass brushing technique works because the focus is on disrupting and removing the bacteria that accumulate along and under the gum line as well as between the teeth. Created by extensive trial and error, the Bass brushing technique is very effective at reducing gum disease when used correctly.

To be able to use the technique effectively, we must understand that the “thug bugs” related to gum disease organize along and under the gum line, especially between the molars. Therefore our focus must be to gently wiggle the bristles down into these areas to break up the bacteria’s colonization efforts.

Unfortunately, signs of early gum disease are swollen, red, tender gums. Without the conscious awareness that these are signs of gum disease, most people avoid brushing the infected area due to discomfort around the swollen gums. This allows the infection to continue unhindered.

The Right Tool for the Job
What we have from Dr. Bass’ life are the Bass toothbrush and the Bass brushing technique.

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