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锘? 2011 seems to enter the post-crisis era. Quantitative easing monetary policy is a double-edged sword Mike Richards Women Jersey , it is injected in the arm to the sluggish economy, but also bring huge debt to the U.S. government. Moreover, within the meaning of this double-edged sword of the blade is not only the United States, the world economy. The United States will face in 2011 the debt crisis? Alternatively, the U.S. will not pass on a potential crisis? On the other hand, the emerging economies of developing countries, represented by good performance in a crisis, and will continue in 2011 as the engine of leading the world recovery. However, emerging economies are also facing internal problems and foreign aggression. Internal problems, the effects of various stimulus will gradually weaken and even withdraw the threat of inflation will be revealed; foreign aggression, the developed countries, weak external demand, but also faced with the input of the bubble and the risk of large-scale capital. Once there is a change in emerging markets, the global recovery will also increase the difficulty. Although decoupling is difficult to set up, but the post-crisis recovery process may be uneven. Is 2011 the Western does not shine Dongfang Liang, unbalanced recovery, first year? G20 in the end in the international monetary system reform, how far this road Jonathan Quick Women Jersey , is unknown. G20 summit in France, competing forces may be a centralized outbreak. 2009, 2010, continued tension on the Korean peninsula. December 20, South Korea, held in the extension of live firing training Ping Island, southwest of the island sea floor extension to shoot. Chinas stock market the day to remind us that the distance between the peninsula and we are closer than we think. In 2011, the United States, Russias accession to the East Asia Summit, it will further increase as the East Asian security issues dominated the agenda? Is to promote regional integration in East Asia itself, or in India, Russia, the United States continue to add, gradually lost their direction? 2011, East Asia will go? Maybe we have just started in a debate. July 2011, in accordance with the established timetable, the United States will begin to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The withdrawal process will be continued until 2014. Of course, during which a lot of variables Milan Lucic Women Jersey , including the U.S. 2012 presidential election Jishi Yi significant variable. Aside this aside, the situation in Afghanistan in 2011 will be improved? On the one hand, the Afghan national security forces do in the growing defense; the other hand, violence again and again and constantly remind us that the security situation in Afghanistan can not be too optimistic. From the U.S. perspective, withdrawal from Afghanistan is from the beginning, more just a gesture. Whether it is recession, said or transformation that changes in U.S. military strategy are worthy of our attention, because of its actions in Afghanistan, may be broader Middle East, and even linked with the situation in East Asia. However, Greece and Ireland came in after the crisis, there is a long list of potential list of countries: Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and even France, the core countries also face such a sovereign downgrade risks … … However, the terrorist forces of the alarming trend of times. In addition, such as piracy and other non-traditional security threats Anze Kopitar Women Jersey , there may still occupy the headlines in 2011. What the United States will implement counter-terrorism strategy? Whether global cooperation will gradually replace the unilateral action? End of 2010, international crude oil prices have leapt to 90 U.S. dollars barrel platform. In 2011, international oil prices will once again break through 100 U.S. dollars barrel mark, becoming a major international energy market a hot topic. With the gradual depletion of fossil energy, Peak Oil concerns such as the ghost-like from time to time around the peoples hearts. Price guide consumption. In response to climate change and the driving force for sustainable development, the world countries are trying to adjust energy structure, the Middle East oil producers are no exception. Fossil energy prices, helped in large part to the energy consumption of more clean energy tilt. Perhaps the coming oil peak is not a production peak, but the consumption peak? The food crisis in 2008 has not faded in memory, the second half of 2010, international food prices began to rise sharply. 2011, will be repeated in 2008 food crisis that scene? And the last round of food prices is similar to the current round of international food prices is due to many factors, such as energy prices rise, demand for biofuels growth, a weaker dollar and reduced production caused by climate disasters. However, two rounds of the difference between rising food prices is that the background of rising food prices round the grain yield, an adequate stock of basic balance between supply and demand. The global economic crisis in 2008 led to the real economy recession, many countries are still maintained an active fiscal policy and loose monetary policy Wayne Gretzky Women Jersey , excess liquidity in the capital, in all industries to be covered the case is likely to be found in agricultural products breakthrough. We can not help but think that oil prices, global food prices as international crude oil prices will be like financial of it? Food security is to maintain social stability and development a top priority, the food crisis even more frightening than the energy crisis. China is a large agricultural country, agricultural prices will naturally lead to rise in CPI, but also can increase the income of farmers. How stable and peoples food basket, and fill the farmers pocketbook, how to ensure domestic grain yield, yield, against the international food crisis, government regulation and control capability will be a test of a major problem. Copenhagen has experienced ups and downs, the United Nations climate change negotiations in Cancun, . Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys

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