Vaporesso Target Mini Kit Review

Vaporesso Target Mini Kit Review

Vapefly Jester Kit is a Chinese vaping company that designs and manufactures both mods and tanks. Their most popular products to date are two Gemini tanks, one a sub-ohm clearomizer tank with a ceramic head, the other an RTA. The Gemini RTA has been especially well-received.

In 2015, Vaporesso introduced with their 75W Target VTC mod, which is designed to look and feel like a pistol grip. They also make the Tarot 200 VTC mod, which I reviewed recently here on Vaping360.

Now they’re coming out with two starter kits: the 75W Target Pro Kit, which has upgraded temp control over the original Target and includes its own Target Pro Tank with a ceramic head; and the 40W Target Mini Kit, which has a very compact version of the pistol-grip Target mod paired with a smallish Guardian tank that uses a ceramic head. The Target Mini Kit competes in the rapidly growing marketplace of Mini mods and kits aimed to provide pocket convenience and a stealth vape. The Mini Kit is the subject of this review.
As of early June, 2016, the Target Mini Kit is still in pre-order status. I found only one site taking pre-orders at $60.00, but my guess is that the price will be considerably lower once the mod is in full production and stocked by numerous vendors.

I wonder if the unit I was sent for review is a pre-production beta version. The presentation box, which is a very slick design, appears to be full retail, but the instruction manual is clearly xeroxed and cut by hand (with scissors, no less). On the other hand, all the features of the Target Mini mod are functional — wattage mode, TC mode for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel wire, TCR adjustments for both M1 and M2 custom slots — so perhaps the only unfinished, pre-retail item is the user manual.

Given the recent fiasco with the Sigelei 213 mod, where reviewers were sent pre-production units that functloned correctly, but then the retail version turned out to be seriously buggy, I wanted to mention the possibility that the Vaporesso kit I’m reviewing might not be the actual retail model.

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