Valentino filmed the pilot

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So I started on what became the outline for the first Gossip Girl book. Soon after, I was asked to write the book myself. Exactly five years after it was published I watched a cast of gorgeous, talented actors play the characters I’d created as they Valentino filmed the pilot for the television show. It was hard to quell my nervous laughter, knowing that this highly fictionalised, much more scandalous and attractive version of my school days was about to be broadcast into millions of livingrooms. Not only that, but it was created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the team behind The OC, so expectations were high.

Using a ziplockstyle freezer bag keeps them suitably isolated from the air while keeping airborne dust and finger oils off the shoes. If you are placing the shoes on display for some reason, you can use shrink to formfit the protection around the sneaker for a cleaner look. Just be careful when shrinking the material around the shoe, since the process involves use of a heat gun or hair dryer. Set the the appliance on low heat, keep it moving constantly and don’t rush the job. You can also use vacuumseal plastic containers to completely remove all air from the environment around the shoe and prevent discoloration.

In one, for instance, the basketball player wearing the Asics gelcushioned shoes makes drive after drive to the basket. Another player wearing shoes that areinflated, just like Reebok’s “Pump” sneakers, stands helplessly on the sidelines trying to pump up his shoes. After trying to use a bicycle pump and a compressor, he never makes it to the court before the spot Valentino Sale ends.

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