Valcke made his or her comments

Valcke made his or her comments on a visit to Moscow, in Russia, while chatting with Russian officials of the managing committee of the 2018 planet cup. Russia were recently successful in their bid to host the 2018 event, and the TIMORE secretary general advised those to be
Fifa 17 Coins ready with everything set up, at least two years ahead of the function.

Russia would have to build and renovate nearly every stadium available in the country, according to Alexei Sorokin, chief executive of Russia’s planet cup organising committee. Still Sorokin was optimistic that everything would be up and running by 2016, as required simply by FIFA.

Sorokin said that Russian federation didn’t have a single arena up to FIFA’s standards, yet that it was well within their power to get the required infrastructure set up, in time. The new infrastructure probably will cost Russia $10 tera-, spread across 13 coordinator cities named for the affair.

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