ultrafine Raymond Mill and ordinary Raymond Mill

ultrafine mill is also called Ultra Raymond Mill. The main production of ultra-fine powder. SBM Machinery specializes in producing ultra-fine Raymond Mills. The following describes the difference between ultrafine Raymond Mill and ordinary Raymond Mill.
The main difference between ultra-thin Raymond Mill and ordinary Raymond Mill is that the principle of selecting the powder is different. Ordinary Raymond grinding powder is selected by the circulating air, the material is crushed and then shoveled by a blade, then the powder is aired, and is blown by a blower to a cyclone separator, during which the disc grading wheel is finely powdered. Degrees for extensions. ultrafine Raymond Mill is operated with full negative pressure. The material is also pulverized and scooped by a blade. The powder is then air-lifted and induced by a high-pressure induced draft fan to a cage-type grading wheel for accurate grading.
ultrafine Raymond Mill mainly processes 400-3500 mesh fine powders and is widely used in silicon carbide micro powder processing, kaolin Raymond Mill processing, and carbon black micro powder processing. Ordinary Raymond Mill mainly processes fine powders with a size of 40-600 mesh. It is a general-purpose device. The main processing materials include limestone, fly ash, coal, and so on. There are several hundred types of materials.
ultrafine Raymond’s dust removal method uses high-volume pulse backflushing technology and adopts an external filter type, which requires an air compressor. Ordinary raymond mill adopts a simple bag-in method.
SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of ordinary Raymond Mill, Ultrafine Raymond Mill, Ultrafine Raymond Mill, ultrafine Raymond Machine. There are more than ten specifications. Welcome to buy!

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