Ultrafine mill accessories failure how to do?

Ultrafine mill is composed of many parts together, so ultrafine mill equipment parts maintenance is particularly important, this is what we often say that the whole body. The importance of the existence of components, allowing users to maintain their regular day by day essential, Shanghai SBM to send you some warm tips:
First of all, according to the working principle and structural characteristics of different types of ultrafine mill equipment to ensure that the milling machine equipment running safely for a long time, the key is to adjust the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the grinding chamber, which is to ensure the smooth production The key. The contribution of components can be greatly reduced for the production of pressure. However, after a problem with accessories, how to adjust it?
The method of adjusting the fault of the ultrafine mill equipment parts is whether the blockage of the feed inlet and the granary is caused because the feed is not gradual or not; whether the bearing is overheated or not, whether the deformation is caused by the pressure; Belt has been severely worn, there is a loosening phenomenon needs to be replaced; in the grinding chamber hard ring grinder mill disc is a dead end, need to retire; vibrations generated in the production, whether to allow ultra-fine mill overall framework Instability; and so on Some simple and visible parts of the problems that will affect the mill production.
Ultrafine mill equipment maintenance focus is the replacement of wearing parts, spindle maintenance. If it is a simple chores wear is not serious, then the plating layer can be, it will be ground to the desired size. If the wear is very serious, is already the dying state, then the homes on the homes, the old do not take a new one. If the user does not know how to do it.

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