Tyson Beckford Grabs His Extra Large ‘.44 Magnum’ While Posing In His Calvins

Talk Face Slimming about a gun show! Tyson Beckford is showing off his goods, and we’re not talking about his buff arms. Rather, he’s flaunting a giant bulge in his undies while calling his junk his ‚magnum.’Is that a pistol in your pants or are you just happy to see us Tyson Beckford?! The 45-year-old model/actor is rocking his best body ever and just had to show it off, and we mean ALL of it, as his manhood sure looks like it’s in acelebratory mood in his underwear-clad selfie!

There might as well be an eggplant stuffed down Tyson’s Latex Waist Wrainer Calvin Klein underwear because this pic is reminding us why the purple veggie is the universal emoji for a penis. Tyson is standing in front of a mirror wearing nothing but blue boxer-briefs that are snug tight to his body, and boy oh boy can you see EVERYTHING

!He totally knew he costume manufacturer was going to drive his fans absolutely wild by captioning the selfie, „Since my team don’t want me posting pics with gunz,as a concealed weapons licensed owner I give you my .44 Magnum❗️“ Whew, he’s packing some series heat in those undies of his as his trouser snakelooks enormous, either that or its a little fluffed up because that is one seriously large bulge he’s holding on to ever so proudly while using his model talents to totallyseduce us with the sexiest ever look in his eyes.

Not even taking into account his giant unit, the pic so smoldering ofTyson’s incredibly buff body. How is this man 45-years-old, seriously?! He has a rockin‘ body that guys in their 20’s would absolutely kill for, with his perfect pecs and muscular arms. Sigh, this is a man who knows his looks are his moneymaker and he’s done a damn fine job at looking good!


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