Type glass is used within the glass plank road to make people feel at ease?

Type glass is used within the glass plank road to make people feel at ease?
As a building fabric, glass has been used more and more in flooring, stairs, sightseeing planks, and so on. in recent years based on people’s requirements for architectural appearances and pursuit of personality and excitement..
The application of such glass products in many famous scenic spots and buildings in your house and abroad has likewise shown a trend of blooming everywhere nowadays. However, the glass used in the above-mentioned places must find the safety of long-term make use of, such as the capacity to resist static as well as static loads, and level of resistance. Impact performance and other tasks of performance.
At present, the glass on the glass pavement is generally cut from double-layer tempered laminated tumbler, and the double-layer colored Laminated glass comes from the combination of goblet tempering and laminated tumbler. After the glass tempering, further safety treatment is completed to glue the a couple of pieces of glass. mix together. This is besides the glass’s anti-shock along with anti-shock ability is drastically improved, and even if you find a problem, the fragmentation won’t be directly broken like everyday glass, but a large piece of debris will continue to experience a protective role from the lower layer..
I still remember a foreign strengthened glass advertisement: „Break this! You can take apart $3 million. Once this advertisement is released, it will usher in a craze for the whole people. “ In the finish, no one succeeded. When the glass used on the glass path is often so confident, visitors can appreciate it without any worries.

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