Tractor With Multi-function Peanut Harvester manufacturer tells how to get the job done

Tractor and multi-purpose peanut harvester are the agricultural equipment commonly used in agricultural production. How does the equipment work in agricultural production? Today, the Tractor With Multi-function Peanut Harvester manufacturer will tell you about the working process of the equipment.

We all know that when the farm is busy, the workload is very large. With the new peanut harvester, we can easily complete the receiving work, so how does it do it?

Compared with traditional agricultural harvesting machinery, peanut harvester has wider versatility, convenient use, and simple structure. Its main working parts are generally composed of an elastic toothed drum, roller screen, fixed spring tooth, and fan. No matter what power is matched, the working principle is the same, and the principle of picking and picking is adopted.

When the fruit is picked, the peanuts are fed by the feeding inlet. Under the joint action of the drum spring teeth and the drum screen, the peanut fruit is separated from the peanut meal, and the peanut meal is discharged from the discharge port. During the process of the peanut fruit flowing through the sieve, the impurities are The fan blows away and are discharged by the fruiting port.

Its advantage is that the dry and wet degree of peanuts is not good, and all applications are more extensive. Our company specializes in producing peanut picking machines with complete models.


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