Tongda Analysis Machine Is Easy To Use

Portable Tongda analysis machine for the welding quality of hulls, pipelines, high pressure vessels, boilers, aircraft, vehicles and bridges in the industrial sectors such as shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, machinery, aviation, transportation, construction, and other materials, parts processing, light and Metal, rubber, ceramics, etc., the quality of the processed parts. X-ray transillumination photography is used to process data from X-ray film into parts for welding and internal defects to determine product quality.

Portable detector, divided into two kinds of directional radiation, circumferential radiation. The directional radiation is fixed and is typically radiated to 45° at a 40° cone angle beam. The direction of the circumferential radiation beam is perpendicular to the circumference of the X-ray tube to the 360° circle and the radiation X-ray. It checks the large diameter pipe and the spherical container ring weld. The weld can be tested by contact test photography, which can greatly improve Detection efficiency.

Two types of portable detectors, x-ray tubes and glass-shell corrugated ceramic x-ray tubes:

The glass envelope x-ray tube is compared at home and abroad because it makes the contrast simple and low cost. Corrugated ceramic x-ray tubes are currently used in converter gas-insulated portable x-ray machines, which have a long life of cermet tubes.

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