Tongda Analysis Machine Has High Detection Efficiency

With the advancement of society and the rapid development of the automobile industry, people are increasingly demanding the reliability, stability and appearance of automobiles for long-term operation. Many of the materials used in automobiles are made of metal materials. Such as cast steel, cast aluminum and so on. The good or bad of these castings directly affects the safety and service life of the car.
In order to make the car more secure, many auto parts manufacturers need to test every workpiece used in the car. Such as the engine of a car, the piston of a car, the piston ring, the connecting rod, the brake system, the steering wheel, the wheel of the car, the connecting rod of the shock absorber, etc., whether there are defects, cracks, or bubbles in the workpiece. Once these unqualified products appear, it directly affects the safety of the car. Therefore, we must do a good job of testing.
Automobile parts are an important foundation to support the stable, healthy and rapid development of our automobile industry, and have great significance in the development of China’s auto parts industry.
So what equipment can I use?
The Tongda analyzer can meet the needs of this test.
The Tongda analysis machine is the first choice for defect detection of automotive parts due to its high detection efficiency and intuitive and reliable results. Currently, it is the most widely used and most mature detection method among all detection methods.
Tongda analyzer is used for automatic detection of auto parts. The automatic optical detection and screening instrument developed on the basis of the image detection technology system converts into visible light image by X-ray fluoroscopy, quickly captures the image information of the workpiece with high-speed industrial camera, inputs the PC host computer, HD imaging, and automatically locates the image processing function. By measuring pores, cracks, etc. (distinguishing between qualified and defective products), data storage, and identification of defective products.
The X-ray real-time imaging inspection equipment independently developed by Dandong Tongda Technology Co., Ltd. covers a wide range of automotive parts inspection. Its high resolution, high definition image quality, automatic defect recognition, automatic judgment, the entire system can meet the production cycle of most companies. With the advancement of technology, Tongda’s analytical machine technology is constantly improving, providing safer and more efficient non-destructive testing equipment for various industries.

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