Throw these Maplestory M Mesos for sale batteries

Throw these Maplestory M Mesos for sale batteries in the mini-bosses and ideally you would like to hit BOTH of them by throwing it between the two bosses and it’s going deal around 68k-70k dmg. Have that amount of harm multiplied by 4 since we are assuming that each of the members are holding a battery to throw in the mini-bosses. It is going to allow you to


clear the point super fast, undoubtedly.So once you killed the both of these, you may enter another stage. He isn’t tricky at all and quite simple to dodge as soon as you get the hang of his attacks.His initially and basic assault ismarking you using a flashlight, or more like, the location he’s going to shoot his own cannons at, it has a delay


so that you may just walk out of it with your dash.Another assault is his landmines. When he deploys his landmines, note it will never land on your directly in the event that you haven’t transferred from your place. The boss is just gonna try to lure you in to it.A third attack of his, is hisbeam attack, he is charging up his laser cannon


then shoots it out of his close ground to much Maple story M Mesos away and you’re going to see red squares which will damage you in the event that you keep standing on these red blocks. These red blocks are created from his laser beam that he fired. Another attack he could preform is arush attack. He just fly straight towards you and then would float


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