This means that even if you see the Battle Stars

This means that even if you see the Battle Stars listed in the challenge rewards now, you’ll only get experience for completing the challenge, but those who were fortunate enough to Buy Fortnite Items complete the challenge before it was fixed will keep their prizes.

Today’s Fortnite patch is pretty interesting, bringing the additions of the Port-a-Fortress item and a new item for the Playground that allows you to spawn your own Spiky Stadium that’s enclosed by damage traps and bouncers. You can see an image of what it will look like at the top of this post, and there’s a video of the Port-a-Fortress in action below.The Port-a-Fortress is basically a Port-a-Fort that spawns a much more imposing structure when thrown. It’s the ideal item if you need the high ground very, very quickly.

You know a video game has made it when ITV daytime programme This Morning posts on its Facebook page asking parents if their kids are addicted. You can be doubly sure when that post attracts almost 60,000 comments. In this case the game is Fortnite: Battle Royale, a bright, brash multiplayer shooter. It was released last year, and is now one of the biggest online games out there, drawing mounting concern from the mainstream media.

With more than 125m players worldwide, the chances are either your children or their friends are already passionate fans. For some, that fandom may well be bordering on obsession. Should you be worried? Here’s what you need to know about the game.

In short, it’s a mass online brawl where 100 players leap out of a flying bus on to a small island and then fight each other until only one is left. Hidden around the island are weapons and items, including rifles, traps and grenade launchers, and players must arm themselves while exploring the landscape and buildings.

It’s also possible to collect resources that allow you to build structures where you can hide or defend yourself. As the match progresses, the playable area of land is continually reduced, so participants are forced closer and closer together. The last survivor is the winner.

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