They have released Maplestory M Mesos to cure

They have released Maplestory M Mesos to cure this. The Normal Chaos Raid bosses don’t damage compared to their own Hard counterparts and have reduced health, but you have to conquer them inside fifteen minutes or less. Also, unlike Difficult Chaos Raids in which parties may have up to ten members, they can only have up to six.


Be constantly aware that Hard Chaos Raids have better rewards, while Normal Chaos Raids can look like a good alternative due to advantage. But if you keep running Regular Chaos Raids, the difference will not be that good. On the other hand, if you would like to run both or only Hard Disk Raids, remember that they share the exact same limit.Last but definitely not least, Ludibrium Clock Tower will not get a Normal Chaos Raid. Using its notoriety, this should not be a surprise.


But we can not include all of them, so we’ll end on the previous two major upgrades: the new class, Soul Binder, and also a new PVP mode: Arena.As the name implies, the Soul Binder uses spiritual energy and the power of nature to not just deal damage from a distance but also heal allies.

Ultimately for Arena, it’s a PVP mode wherein the Maple story M Mesos person who wins two out of three games is announced the winner. Potions can’t be used, to give players a fun and fair fight, and Arena armor and through stat alterations will be balanced. The winner will get Valor Tokens, which consequently can be utilized at the Arena Shop.The arrival of Skybound Stage 1 is neither early nor late. Instead, with 2019 having only started and Maplestory 2 being comparatively new, new and present players won’t have much of a difference to separate them. Plus, they could both appreciate the content together.


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