There will continue to be Kamas Dofus Retro

There’ll never be any content in this Dofus sport to achieve and explore for more, while there will continue to be Kamas Dofus Retro multi-account crap grin -that they will complete all of these“ news“ at days and sit at zaap for next half year while waiting for next one, fresh conent and hit it in days again smile -this Dofus game within this state is a VICIOUS CIRCLE, I see it on what amakna doingthey provide news things, adjustments, revamps etc itd and its okay, but after a few months they come to the conclusion dat thers somethin wrong, and they shift again and again making ppl anyoing.

And for me while they made a one great measure on, then later weeks they create 2 big steps back, like dumb 508 idols and following the mad exp they begins to nerf maps, equilibrium the crazy cras leeching teams along with others, why don’t you nerf the stupid idols afterward? , thers a whole lot of mistakes such as this, revamp of sac is a joke,

they revamped and changed him each upgrade while his still a garbage and no one likes to play him grin, they gave a erosion for cra which is retarded ^^ why not sac enthusiast, erosion must come for him, not for Cras huh:S, the 1\2 half easy means to achieve 200 is a joke, getting up from 1-200 at a 1-2 times for hardcore teams is stupid too.

There lots of casual shyt round and srsly dont like it cuz thers totally no game at lower lvls now smile nowadays Buy Dofus Kamas is simply late game booring cuz approach to 200 is SOOO EASY, its not as good as in older times, while just trash mats being in cost, while reduced Dofus players still possess funn of exping (not leeching like 90%) and at which being constantly somethin nice to do for getting kamas and other nice content which not forcing just at maximum lvl -that Dofus game now looks like a big race of rats, race to get attain 200lvl in days and becoming boored with completely 0 satisfaction.

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