The sand making machine manufacturer teaches you how to clean the sand making machine?

How does the sand making machine manufacturer in Shanghai teach you how to clean the sand making machine? The specific operation method of cleaning the sand making machine equipment, after the general sand making equipment is used for a period of time, wash the sand making machine? Dirt is inevitable, and excessive accumulation of dirt will hinder the operation and heat dissipation of the machine and should be cleaned up in time.
Then there are several cleaning methods. The cleaning of mining machinery is divided into pickling and caustic washing. First, pickling is carried out. About 20% of the hydrochloric acid solution, such as mechanical dirt, is parked for about ten minutes before being washed with cleaning liquid. Wash the water, pay attention to this method. The hydrochloric acid solution should be poured into the water continuously and stirred constantly. It is strictly forbidden to pour the water into the hydrochloric acid for alkali washing. First, start the generator and add 1.5 kg of caustic soda in 20 kg of water. And 0.5 kilograms of kerosene is configured as a cleaning liquid to be injected into the dirt, and the cleaning rod is continuously cleaned and dissolved by the alkali liquid, and then the water is swept. They are all corrosive to the metal of the sand making machine equipment, so it is necessary to grasp the ratio of the cleaning liquid and the cleaning time and grip.
Because natural sand is insufficient to meet market demand, artificial sand has a broad prospect. With the maturity of sand making equipment technology, the fineness of sand and gravel aggregates is getting smaller and smaller, teaching you how to be used more in other industries, and slowly inseparable from people’s lives.

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