The role of grinding machine plays in the reprocessing of iron tailing

Iron tailing refers to waste after the crusher and grinder grind and select ores. That’s to say iron tailings are the residual solid waste after choosing the concentrate through beneficiation.Zenith is the professional mining equipment manufacturer, whose products include: ball mill, coal washing machine, sand maker and crusher, among which the Raymond mill is applied for fine grinding 280 kinds of material. The product granularity of R type Raymond mill is within an adjustable range of 80-325 meshes, with the maximum up to 2000mm. Consequently, when reusing the iron tailing; significant economic can be achieved in refining the iron tailings.

With the social progress and rapid industry development, especially in the steel industry, the proportion of iron ore tailings in industrial solid waste is on the rise.According to incomplete statistics, China’s annual accumulative production of tailings is about 6 billion tons at present, and the stockpiling iron tailings accounts for 1/3% of the whole. Tailings redressing can not only reduce tailing dam construction cost but also the processing, mining and transportation cost. In addition, it saves investment of equipment and new process development, thus, more and more importance is attached to it.

At present, for the magnetite, company provides complete set of iron ore crushing and coal processing plant for customers, the processing is able to increase the ore grade to 40%. The reprocessing of the iron ore tailings which cannot be used due to the low grade has won the recognition of several customers.Moreover, the tailings which are unable to be reprocessed can be applied in cement industry, concrete and aerated bricks processing by being ground by the mills and also be directly applied to the construction sector by tailings sand making.

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