The real highlight of prefabricated houses is the continued energy efficiency

Prefabricated homes china is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than a sturdy home. So how do you make your prefabricated home more environmentally friendly?

Because prefabricated builders typically waste less raw materials, manufacturing and mass transportation, prefabricated homes are almost always more environmentally friendly than building similar on-site built homes, and their real highlight is their continued energy efficiency.

Prefabricated homes are perfect for green living, and every home offered by some manufacturers is designed to win the Energy Star. Even in homes that don’t automatically earn ENERGY STAR certification, you can add energy-efficient equipment, properly seal ventilation ducts, install programmable heating and cooling systems, and take many other steps to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Establishing a green tax credit does not sound great, environmentally friendly and saves money.

A 30% tax credit is available for the cost of purchasing and installing systems that use and produce green energy. Federal tax credits can be used for geothermal heating and cooling systems, wind turbines, solar water heaters and photovoltaic (solar) panels. If the home you are building is a primary or secondary residence, you can get a tax credit.

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