The quality standard of spray pump is relatively high

Is the working principle of spray pump head the same as that of ordinary cosmetic pump?

A: Not the same, definitely not the same. The reasons are as follows:

The effect of the spray pump head shows that the sprayed liquid must be atomized, and the quality standard of the spray pump is based on the atomization effect. The better the atomization effect, the higher the quality standard of the spray pump.

Of course, besides this, there is also a problem of range. The stronger the explosive force, the farther the spraying distance will be and the more powerful the spraying will be. Relatively speaking, the atomization effect of the spray pump will be better.

Another problem is the injection angle. The working principle of the spray pump. Generally, the manufacturers of spray pumps all require 30 degrees to 45 degrees, because only this angle can focus on atomization, and the sprayed liquid is foggy and powerful.

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