The Principle Of Selection Of Passenger Elevators

مصعد الركاب are a familiar facility for office workers in the office building. However, some residents in the community sometimes encounter some elevator problems. What is this? The main reason is that the elevators originally selected are different. So what are the principles for choosing an elevator? Next, the otse elevator company will provide you with specific answers.

One: to determine the positioning of the building

Two: determine the flow of people

Three: consider waiting time

Four: is to determine the elevator speed and load capacity

The elevator selection requires direct access to the top floor within 30 seconds and direct access to the top floor within 40 seconds; the mid-range building reaches the top floor within 45 seconds. According to this calculation, you can use your building height divided by the speed to select the speed.

The second is the determination of the flow of people. Generally speaking, the traffic volume of the office is very large. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the elevator from the group control, and comprehensively consider the number and speed of the elevator to meet the demand; the hotel generally uses the combination of parallel and group control, then it is also necessary to consider the hotel. The number of rooms and star standards. Below the three-star level in the middle and lower floors, two parallel units are generally used to meet the needs.

Due to the operational nature of office buildings and hotels, it is necessary to consider the choice of elevator products from the perspective of energy efficiency and reliability.

In front of the passenger elevator, the energy-saving passenger elevator in China can meet the requirements of 2.5M/S, that is to say, if the office building is below 90 meters, it is enough. The hotel can also meet the requirements of four-star hotels below 15 floors. Energy-saving elevators are important to the operating management company, and generally save one-third of the electricity consumption compared to ordinary elevators.

Since the passenger elevator is not more than the residential elevator, there are requirements for the decoration. The general car is made of etched stainless steel, and the following 1, 2M can be used differently from the above. The first floor standard of the landing door is the hairline stainless steel, so the first floor of the passenger elevator should be matched with the car decoration. The form of the door cover on the first floor of the passenger elevator is the choice of most customers.

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