The pillowcase pattern needs to echo the home improvement style

Matching the pillowcase with the home style can enhance happiness and a sense of quality.Let us follow the pillowcase sample of Rongli to learn some common collocation styles.

  1. The color of the pillowcase sample is different for people. The dark patterned pillowcases are luxurious and suitable for decorating luxurious homes. Colourful cushions for a modern style room. The warm-colored pillowcase is suitable for the elderly. The cold-colored pattern pillowcases are mostly used by young people, and the cartoon-patterned pillowcases are very popular among children.
  2. The pattern of the pillowcase sample can be varied, in a variety of ways, or even a separate cloth color, as long as the color can be coordinated with the entire living room environment.
  3. Indoor large area If there is a large area of white, the atmosphere lacks a sense of jumping. At this time, the color of the pillowcase sample should not be too bright, and dark blue, dark green, and blush are more suitable.

With these little tips, I believe it will bring convenience to your shopping choices.Go and buy your pillowcase and set your own nest!

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