The North Face Jacket the British boss of Leicester City,

hock! Lester boss tax 300 million pounds in February next year Thailand trial , According to the British “Sky Sports” news, The North Face Jacket the British boss of Leicester City, Thailand boss Vicki recently prosecuted by prosecutors in Thailand, said his royal power tax evasion of up to 322 million pounds, according to the Thai Central Court, the case It will be held in Bangkok next February. Vicki was the founder of the Blue Fox miracle Vanguard imperial power group is a company mainly engaged in airport duty-free shops in the world has a huge business network. The team embarked on a miracle trip after Vijay led his consortium to Leicester Town, then still in the crown, in 2013. 2013/14 season won the championship upgrade, 14/15 season staged victory in the Premiership escape adventure relegation, 15/16 season under the leadership of the coach Ranieri world-renowned blue fox won miracle team history first England top League championship trophy, and reached the Champions League last season 8 strong. Leicester City, all this miracle can not be separated from peacekeeping his team, but now he is caught in the issue of tax evasion. According to the disclosure by the anti-corruption department of the Central Court of Thailand, the total amount of tax evasion and tax evasion by the imperialist group of Vysehrad has reached an alarming amount of 322 million pounds, which is even higher than the total worth of the entire Leicester City team. Thailand’s Central Court of Justice announced that the impeachment The North Face Jacket group tax evasion case will be held in Bangkok on February 12 next year, but so far Vichacher denied all allegations of tax evasion, but in such circumstances, Leicester City in the winter turn The operation of the window is bound to be greatly affected. Want to buy all kinds of accessories, clothes, shoes, please enter my store

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