The Lotion Pump Head Operation Principle

When the pressing Lotion Pump(KEXON) is pressed down manually, the volume in the spring chamber is reduced and the pressure is increased, the liquid enters the nozzle chamber through the hole of the valve core, and then the liquid is sprayed out through the nozzle. When the pressing handle is loosened, the volume in the spring chamber is increased to form negative pressure, the sphere is opened under the negative pressure effect, the liquid in the bottle enters the spring chamber, and then a certain amount of liquid is already stored in the valve body, and when the handle is pressed again, the liquid stored in the valve body is washed up and sprayed out through the nozzle.

The standard range of emulsion pump head is 16ml to 38ml, and the water yield is 0.28ml/ time-3.1 ml/time. It is generally used for cream and washing products. Special dispensers such as foam pump head and hand-held spray head, foam pump head is a non-pneumatic hand-held pump head, which does not need to be filled with air to generate foam, and only needs light pressing to generate quantitative high-quality foam. Generally, there are special bottles. Hand-held sprinklers are commonly used in cleaning agents and other commodities. The composition of the distributor is relatively messy, generally including: dust cover, press head, press Rod (unit), gasket, piston, spring, valve, bottle cap, pump body, suction pipe, valve ball (steel ball, glass ball). Bottle caps and dust-proof covers can be colored, electroplated and covered with anodized aluminum rings.

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