The important role of slag superfine pulverizer in the processing of cement mixed materials

Slag is now widely used and has become a raw material for production in industrial production, cement production and new energy production. In industrial production, slag ultrafine powder mills are used in some large-scale processing plants to process slag cement raw materials, slag powder, fine powder, and blast furnace slag powder, saving energy consumption. China’s iron and steel resources have developed a large country. The current unit of slag produced from iron and steel smelting each year has already used 100 million words. The slag production is so great today that it has been used as a rare resource.
The birth of slag grinding technology has given full application to slag, and it has been used in the production of cement mixed materials and raw materials for building materials. At present, the grinding technology on the market mainly includes three systems: ball mill, roller press and ultrafine mill. Ball mill system advantages Low technical requirements, drying capacity is limited, high energy consumption; Roller presses have low energy consumption but no drying function; roller mill system consumes low energy and can dry more than 20% of water, process Simple, high investment. SBM’s newly introduced slag ultra-fine ultra-fine grinding mill not only increases the fineness of the milling material several times over that of traditional mills, but also greatly increases this output, and the fineness and yield can be arbitrary. The large-scale dust-removing equipment equipped with the equipment can meet the national standards and reduce the energy consumption. It is a good choice for processing slag cement.

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