The Impact Of Pet Preform Production Temperature

Gas-assisted products are very common, such as gas-assisted seats, gas-assisted automotive parts, and more. Therefore, gas-assisted injection molding processes are critical products.
When we debug the gas-assisted Pet Preform molding process, there are some factors that should be noted.

For the gas needle panel mold, when the air is pressed into the gas needle, the inlet imbalance is more likely to occur, which will increase the difficulty of debugging. The main phenomenon is shrinkage. In this case, we always check the gas fluency when deflation.

The temperature of the plastic is one of the main factors affecting normal production. The quality of gas-assisted products is very sensitive to plastic temperatures for the following factors. If the plastic in the nozzle is too hot, it can cause burning and silver streaking. Conversely, if the temperature of the plastic in the nozzle is low, cold glue, cold nozzles, and sealed gas needles may be generated. The product always shows shrinkage and silver streaks. What we can do is check if the temperature of the plastic is reasonable. Check that the gas assisted sensor switch is sensitive. Otherwise, it will cause many unnecessary losses.

The pressure of the gas-assisted product remains dependent on the gas. When the product shrinks, we can reduce the plastic to prevent this trend. This always takes measures to reduce the pressure and volume inside the product, so that the gas is more likely to penetrate the thick plastic layer for filling pressure.

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