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The garden Mens Nike Air Vapormax Plus TN poetry and water-stopping poetry will be considered one of the most influential poetry festivals of the night. Although the poetry garden of Gionyuan is called Gion, it is actually a boat made up of six big ships and drifts on the Qinhuai River all night. , drinking poems to see fireworks and lights on both sides of the river, there will be a variety of performances on board.
This family Cheap Nike VaporMax All Black Shoes is a wealthy businessman, but the status of the businessman is low, and when he has money, he wants to rely on the literati. Unfortunately, such a thing will not be something that can be done in a few years or more than 10 years. His family is very big, and it has been coming out in recent years. A few talented literati are slightly better than the Su family, but today it is still considered to be nothing in the eyes of the world. The Liyuan Poetry Association is famous for its grandness, luxury, and excitement on the Qinhuai River, but most of the people attending it are also People with backgrounds or contacts similar to those of the Yan family, such as Xue Jin, such as Suan Tan, get together for a lively event. If there is a self-proclaimed literati’s poem, the other half is used to talk about business, and the quality of poetry is mixed. It is The most extravagant poetry meeting, but with the most poetry at the top is incomparable.
The Water Stop Poetry Association is the real top talent party in the Qinhuai area. The Pan family who hosted the poetry club is a true scholarly family. The third generation Hanlin, this generation of Pan Mingchen as a Hanlin Bachelor, also serves as assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites. His poem fair has always been open. For many Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2018 Brown Yellow students who are eager to obtain fame, they are eager to get the qualifications. Of course, if you really want to qualify for a poetry club, you must have a certain degree of scholarship or a sufficient background of relationships. Except for those who have long been famous to get invitations, each year the Mid-Autumn Festival Before the holiday, there were also many talented people who went to Panzhig to send posters and send their own poems for favor. In addition to this, many of the names of the brothels are also proud to be invited to participate in the Water Stop Poetry Association. This is totally different from the significance of the eucalyptus poetry Nike Air VaporMax Plus Black Black-Team Red-Hyper Violet festival in which the annual poetry petitions are solicited.

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