The future of fiber laserAs with other stu

The future of fiber laser

As with other studies, there is still much to learn about fiber optics. For example, by means of coherent synthesis or spectral synthesis, a synthetic fiber laser becomes a single beam of high beam quality. Fiber optic components are rapidly evolving in industrial applications, especially in the field of automation. More practical femtosecond and supercontinuum sources will emerge through improvements in price and performance. Fiber optic components are advancing beyond their own markets and have entered other markets. It is also the driving force behind the advancement of other optical components. high-quality laser grade optical waveplate
Laser cutting is performed by using a laser beam with a high concentration of energy density to move relative to the workpiece. In the cutting process, an additional auxiliary gas is often used to improve the processing conditions. The use of auxiliary oxygen can promote the oxidation of the metal surface and improve the cutting efficiency; by increasing the oxygen pressure, the slit can be reduced and the molten material can be prevented from re-bonding. When cutting flammable materials, an inert gas can be used to effectively prevent the material from burning. In a certain pressure range, increasing the pressure of the auxiliary gas can increase the cutting thickness and improve the cutting efficiency. The speed and pressure of the auxiliary gas outside the nozzle have a certain influence on the cutting process. Its motion is an important factor affecting the quality of the laser cutting. The use of which nozzle parameters is beneficial to the cutting process is a problem to be studied. The basic requirement for the gas flow is that the gas flow into the slit is large and the velocity is high so that sufficient oxidation allows the slit material to sufficiently exothermicly react; at the same time, sufficient momentum is applied to eject the molten material. optical waveplate manufacturer

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