The 2019 Halloween event runs from OSRS gold

The 2019 Halloween event runs from OSRS gold 24 October until 7 November.To begin the event, visit the chicken coop to the north of Lumbridge and speak to one of the two goblins next to it, Snailneck and Grasslegs.It’s important to remember to make sure that you’re not wearing anything which will prevent you from talking to them correctly. If you’ve got the Ghostspeak amulet on, by way of instance, they will not have the ability to comprehend you, and the quest won’t start.

The quest involves two goblins who have become confused while celebrating Halloween and who believe themselves to be lifeless.

To do so, answer a set of questions to demonstrate your goblin-ness and you ought to craft yourself a fantastic conservative, bedsheet-based ghost costume. (The key to goblin logic is that goblin stuff is the best stuff, humans belong in jail, and that violence is always the answer.) You need to steal a item from the Lumbridge General Store that will require you to create a smokescreen in case you don’t want to get caught. Fortunately, is a bag of smoke powder beyond the building together with the furnace within it.

How can I get for completing it? The total spoils are too plentiful to list in total, but the aforementioned ghost costume will certainly be one of them -. There is also an item called“Anti-Panties“ accessible via this occasion. Seasoned runescape players may remember this as the reward for Cheap Runescape gold vanquishing anti-Santa in the Christmasy quest of 2015. Various other Halloweeny items will be up for grabs too — from pumpkin lanterns to clown outfits and zombie hands.Safe to say, if you are trying to play fully participating in the Halloween season, this event should go right to the top of your to-do list.
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