Takeaways from the story

Two main qualities consistently shift through this lifecycle that we can use to optimize our oral health.

Thickness: First, the biofilm shifts from thin and clear to thick and sticky, ultimately becoming hardened and calcified Ultrasonic Scaler.

Amount of oxygen: Second, as a result of the increased thickness, the environment becomes increasingly anaerobic (low oxygen). This shift from aerobic to anaerobic environment allows for the change in the microbial population from bacteria that help us be healthy to a colony dominated by pathogenic (disease-causing) microbes.

Our primary goal in being a ‘good conductor’ of the symphony in our mouths is to encourage the biofilm to stay thin and oxygen-rich as this thin, oxygen-rich biofilm helps protect our teeth from decay and keeps the ‘bad bugs’ implicated with gum disease from getting out of hand.

How to accomplish being a ‘good conductor’ of the symphony in your mouth is the focus of the next article in this series.

Here’s a link to “Can some plaque actually help our teeth stay healthy vacuum forming machine dental?” where we explore how some biofilms protect our teeth from decay and steps we can take to support the health giving phase of biofilm while discouraging biofilm production that undermines our health.

Here at OraWellness we talk a lot about the importance of feedback loops to successfully address gum disease…

Actions we can personally take to help know that we are heading in the right direction on our path to optimal oral health.

There are many things we can do in the comfort of our own home that provide us tremendous insight and feedback whether the actions we are taking to improve our oral health are actually helping or not.

We consider ‘getting to know your mouth’ to be the first step to dental self-empowerment dental instruments. Also important is tracking your saliva pH as the acid/alkaline balance in the mouth provides us with a quantitative measure to actually see that what we are doing is helping or not.

However, part of what we call ‘dental self-empowerment’ is knowing when to enlist the help of our dental team to assist us in gathering important, measurable information to determine that we are heading in the right direction.

One important piece to the puzzle is a simple test most dental offices do – the Periodontal Depth Test.

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