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Do you know about Grepow Company?

Inheriting 20 years of superb battery workmanship, Grepow has been always upholding the idea of high class and quality optimization in production. With outstanding pairing process, safe and reliable raw materials formula, steady and smooth discharge curve, rigorous quality control system, advanced automation equipment, research and development of cutting-edge technology and innovation of workmanship from over 200 people high end professional engineering team, Grepow is the only professional high power battery manufacturer in china that can produce NIMH, Li-PO, LI-FE batteries simultaneously yet maintaining very high standard within the industry. Grepow product is being sold to more than 60 countries around the world. The company has also set up its U.S and German Subsidiary.

The two brands Geshi ACE and Gensace were launched against domestic and overseas RC model markets, and have received a huge amount of responses. They have became very well known brands among RC model fans both domestic and abroad. Geshi ACE and Gensace have been always maintaining the very fine quality and have also gained a very good reputation. With their safe and reliable raw materials formula, advanced production process and rigorous quality control system, Geshi ACE and Gensace have made the batteries that are beloved by many RC model fans. The RC heli/airplane batteries are famous for its high capacity, long flying time, steady performance, outstanding aero shooting results, rarely puffing up and good cycling performance; while the RC cars batteries are showing off its brave, fearless character with its high C rate, super low internal resistance, high explosive strength and strong power during races.

Tattu has been launched few years ago in order to meet the market’s need. It can be separated into Tattu UAV battery and Tattu FPV battery lines. Tattu UAV batteries are industrial made specifically work for UAVs. It overturns the concept of RC models, and it precisely meets the need of UAV flight. It is a high-end UAV battery line that was recognized by the UAV industry once it was launched. Tattu FPV battery line is aiming at providing batteries that are more suitable for FPV racing. Tattu FPV battery come with super high C rate, high explosive power, very strong power drive, safe and reliable features. It was quickly become famous among both domestic and overseas market. It is the first choice and most-recommend to FPV pilots all around the world.

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How to Prevent UAV Battery from Exploding?

Lithium ion polymer battery, also called lithium battery is the best choice of consumer UAV. Compared with the model and weight of the cells themselves, its energy density is pretty high, each cell voltage usually is 3.7 volts, so you only need less battery to get more energy than other rechargeable batteries. Lithium battery discharging rate is slow, charging takes a long time.

But use and recharge lithium battery inappropriately, will make the working performance get worse, even causes smoking and burning. In so to avoid UAV battery explode, or make the battery to the best performance use longer, need some necessary common sense. The following Gens ace &Tattu will give some tips are about how to use lithium battery.

Charge the Battery Properly

Use the proper charger to lipo battery and make sure the charger in accord with the battery model. When the battery connects charge, check the device connectivity or whether the battery pins connect fully. Don’t leave the charging devices and must be sure not to charge on the surface of inflammable substances, no combustibles around it. In case of fire, fire will spread easily. Recommend using special fireproof lipo battery(3S battery), battery pack, this can control the fires.

Neither too Much or too Little Power

Each battery charging never exceeds 4.2 volts or discharging exceeds 3 volts. In both of these cases, may cause the damage battery permanently. If the battery expands in the process of using or recharging, this shows that the battery has already damaged and can’t be used.

Safe Savings

For security, lithium battery should be best stored at room temperature, put in metal box or lithium battery fireproof container. If you will not use a fully charged battery few days, so when placed, must keep the battery power in 40% and each month need to charge and discharge the battery.

Avoid High Temperate and Cold

Extreme temperatures will affect battery performance and life. When you charge, ensure charge at the room temperate. Don’t charge in the cold garage or basement. Don’t charge in direct sunlight or near heat. When you charge or use lithium battery, be sure charge at the room temperature. If the battery runs out, ensure battery cool down before recharge.

Keep Battery Clean

When the UAV battery getting dirty will affect battery performance. Keep UAV battery compartments and battery connector clean. If battery contact becomes dirty, use soft brush to clean.

Long and Healthy Life Cycle

Lithium battery can use 300 to 500 charge cycles, this depends on the usage frequency of UAV, battery quality and how to maintain. If you only use battery a few cycles and then stop working, this means that these batteries have been damaged, have had defects or poor quality, suggest you stop using it at once.


Genstattu Anniversary Promotion(I):UAV battery special

August is a special month for Gens ace&Tattu; It is the second anniversary of the official online shop To celebrate the 2nd birthday of, and to thank for all regular and new customer’s support, Gens ace&Tattu has made a good deal for everybody to shop online from August 15th to 31th. This anniversary promotion will be divided into four special sections, they are UAV battery special deals, FPV battery special deals, RC battery special deals and site wide special discounts. You can enjoy up to 50% off discount plus $5 off %98, $15 off $198, $30 off $298. Below are some great offers we have picked out for you.

Part 1: UAV battery special
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Tattu 16000mAh 15C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack with AS150 +XT150 plug

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Tattu 16000mah Lipo Application:

Professional UAV battery 16000mah 15C 6S1P lipo battery pack for multirotor like DJI S800/S1000/OnyxStar FOX-C8-HD/Gryphon X8 and other multicopter. Long flight time, ultralight and high density. For E1200 multirotors.

Tattu 16000mah Lipo Features:

1.Stable automatic stacking technology enables single cell capacities of 16000mAh.
2.The most strict single cell capacity, voltage, resistance, discharge curve matching process.
3.Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials.

Tattu 16000mAh 15C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack with EC5 plug

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Tattu 16000mah Battery Application

Professional UAV battery Tattu 16000mAh 6S1P 15C lipo battery pack for multirotor like DJI S800/S1000/OnyxStar FOX-C8-HD/Gryphon X8 and other multicopter. Long flight time, ultralight and high density. For E1200 multirotors etc.

Tattu 16000mah Battery Features

1.Stable automatic stacking technology enables single cell capacities of 16000mAh.
2.The most strict single cell capacity, voltage, resistance, discharge curve matching process.
3.Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials.

Tattu 26000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack

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Tattu 26000mah Lipo Battery Application:

Tattu 26000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack are widely used in UAV Drones

Tattu 26000mah Lipo Battery Features:

1.Stable automatic stacking technology enables single cell capacities of 26000mAh.
2.Higher capacity than comparable size packs
3.Longer Cycle Life, almost double that of standard lipoly technology.
4.Tattu batteries provide high quality, reliable power for UAV Drones

Tattu 28000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack

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Tattu 28000mah 6S Lipo Application:

Tattu 28000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack designed for UAV Drones

Tattu 28000mah 6S Lipo Features:

1.Stable automatic stacking technology enables single cell capacities of 28000mAh.
2.Higher capacity than comparable size packs
3.Longer Cycle Life, almost double that of standard lipoly technology.
4.Tattu batteries provide high quality, reliable power for UAV Drones.

Tattu 30000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack

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Tattu 30000mah Lipo Battery Application:

Tattu 30000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P Lipo Battery Pack perfect suited to UAV Drones.

Tattu 30000mah Llipo Battery Features:

1.Stable automatic stacking technology enables single cell capacities of 30000mAh.
2.Higher capacity than comparable size packs
3.Longer Cycle Life, almost double that of standard lipoly technology.
4.Tattu batteries provide high quality, reliable power for UAV Drones.

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The tips of UAV Flight safety

At the beginning of 2016, Amazon broke the news that they planning to use UAV distribution. On an interview, they put forward the target of UAV distribution and when the user place an order they hope to be able to complete the delivery within 30mins. With the UAV is more and more popular, at the same time the security and privacy questions are also facing emerging. But I think it is can’t stop the more and more hobbyist passion. After all, the UAV application is more and more close to life.

For the most male, when they were young they are crazy the RC car or RC plane. But when they face the UAV really fly ten meters or hundreds meters high altitude, the beginner is not able to get started. Due to lake of experience, and not enough to understand the performance of UAV itself, external environment of the flight is not sensitive and other reasons, it is easy to “crash”. To avoid this, I will to share the tips about UAV flight safety.

1. Select the security and widely place

Before the UAV flight, at first, you should to select the security and widely place, high altitude that no obstructions and the terrain is relatively flat outdoor. Don’t flight UAV in crowed place, or has the wine, it’s dangerous!

2. GPS is OK

When you flight UAV, you should to check the GPS is OK. Because the UAV flight is through the satellite positioning to flight. And for the beginner is also pay more attention to strong air stream.

If the GPS failure sudden, how to do? Don’t hurry, most of UAV have the automation return in the system. You just press the button, the UAV return.

3. Control the flight altitude

You’d better to control the flight altitude, under 7kg weight, the flight altitude don’t exceeding the 150 meters. If exceed it’s need to report the department.

4. Choose the best battery

Most of UAV batteries flight time is 20-30mins, to avoid the UAV “crash” due to the battery is low, you must to choose the best UAV battery, or take more batteries. For the UAV battery, I recommend the Gens ace&Tattu lipo battery, such as 10000mah 6s lipo battery and Tattu plus battery, they have high quality, long flight time and high security, and they also have excellent service.

5. Learn flying skills

In usual, you should to fly with experienced pilot and to seize every opportunity to learn more about flight skill and nervous mentality.

Overall, the most important thing is UAV flight safety, improve the play of UAV technology, and more careful. For security, you have to know how to assemble circuit, wind direction, resistance and other knowledge of UAVs.


Best uav battery packs for multirotor fly Long flight time

Are you looking for UAV battery packs for your multirotor X8 or X4 etc., but still confusing about which brand is the best one and most suitable for multirotor? For fly long time pls read ahead and you will find out the answer.

How to choose UAV battery packs

Yes, let us come back to this topic now. How to choose the best uav battery? Before that, tell me what do you really command. Here are some questions just need to clarify a few things. How long flight time do you need? How much current is flowing in a ciruit and at what voltage for your multirotor? How much carrying capacity do you plan to? After you choose one battery, you can use this calculator formula to calculate your flight time, flight times =(Battery Capacity * Battery Discharge /Average Amp Draw) * 60

For instance, you choose a UAV battery packs 6s 16000mAh, and calculate the average amp to be around 60 amps, make an assumption that 80% of battery capacity will be used, then the flight time is 12.8 minutes (Results vary from brands).

About smart UAV battery packs

What is smart battery? Smart battery management system (BMS) will smartly manage your battery. As every one knows, lithium polymer is delicate accessories and need the user take maintenance. Which brand is recommended? The Tattu smart 6S 22.2V 12000mAh battery packis a great choice for large-sized aerial photography vehicles such as the DJI S800, S1000, Gryphon X8, OnyxStar. This battery packs a ton of power in compact, giving you the flight time needed on your heavy-lift aerial photography rigs.

Conclusion for UAV battery packs

For fly a long flight times, choosing the right UAV battery pack is very important. Here I recommend using Tattu lipo which has gained most praise by FPV pilots. The following is Tattu Plus LiPo Battery Review by VidMuze who produces aerial cinematography, films, visual effects, tutorials and equipment reviews. You will make your choice after watching it.



Drone agriculture:Fixed Wing or Multi-Copter

How to choose a drone agriculture? Fixed Wing or Multi-Copter? Let’s do some simple comparisons fist.

Fixed Wing drone:Ag Eagle

Fixed wing drones like the AgEagle RAPID, and SenseFly eBee Ag are often preferred by farmers because they can spend more time in the air than a multi-rotor platforms like the DJI’s Matrice 100.That said, they are best suited for large, open-field scanning.And also Fixed wing drones often carry more payload than a multi-rotor which means more sensors and so more information can be captured in a single flight.

But Fixed wing drones are more expensive too, usually they cost $5,000 to $25,000 or more after being fitted with sensors.(compare with multicopter)


Endurance : fly as much as 10x longer and cover more geography in a single flight
Payload capacity: can carry more weight
Applications: larger selection of sensors


Cost: usually more expensive
Ease of Use: not as easy as a multirotor
Size: requires more space for storage and transport

Multi-Copter:DJI Agras MG-1:

Multi-rotor ag drones like DJI’s Matrice 100 are better-suited to precision imaging of small/constrained areas and 3D scanning of fields and objects, due to their maneuverability.
Flight times for quads and other multi-rotors are about 1/2 that of a fixed wing drone.

Payloads on many multi-rotors are less than fixed wings, so most only carry one or two sensors. As a result, covering an entire field can take twice as long as with a fixed wing.
Multi-rotor drones are generally cheaper than fixed wings, starting at around $1,500-$3,500 for a professional-grade camera drone with software for agriculture image processing.

The Best of Both Worlds

Rather than opting for one type of drone, some farmers and operators purchase less expensive versions of both.
A fixed wing drone is used for large open spaces where long, unobstructed straight-line passes are possible; and, a small inexpensive multi-rotor is used for spot-checking trouble areas more closely, for quick scouting missions and for handling area a plane cannot fly over.
Lots of farmers today start by buying a ready-to-fly quadcopter like DJI’s new Phantom 4.
After testing the ROI of drone surveying, they may upgrade to more expensive and less time-consuming solutions.
Pros and Cons(Compare to fixed wing):
There are many things that multi-rotor drones can do better, for example, when get into confined spaces,like cross a pedestrian path.they can hover over a specific area, what’s more, they need little space to take off and land.


Cost: Usually more cheaper.
Applications: really good at aerial photography and hi resolution video.
Easy to use.
Can hover,more agile.


Endurance: less flight time
Payload capacity: usually less weight
Customer service: little support if you are buying a consumer drone
Occasional bugs, is “fly away”
Battery is very important to drone agriculture .Here I’d also like to recommend a very popular lipo battery as below:



– Product Type: cheap rc battery packs
– Capacity: 16000mAh
– Voltage: 22.2V
– Max Continuous Discharge: 15C (240A)
– Max Burst Discharge: 30C(480A)
– Weight: 1985g
– Dimensions: 190*73*62 mm
– Balance Plug: JST-XHR
– Discharge Plug: XT150+AS150
– Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max


TATTU Battery-The Magic Weapon of Drone Racing China

In the end of the SHENZHEN international drone exhibition. The Drone Racing China attract attention of many visitors, they are make up of the teams from China, the Netherlands, the United States and so on, they staged a international Drone racing in SHENZHEN, CHINA.


Although the drone racing is still in the primary stage, and a few of rules and technology needs to improve, but it has attracted many UAV hobbyists. Drone racing can fly in the outdoor or indoor, and also put up the glasses, through video transmission system to experience FPV(First Person View) drone racing.


Quadcopter in the competition, the fastest speed can reach more than 200 kilometer per hour, combined with various obstacles,lighting effects,etc.,feel so shocked. One of most famous drone racing is Dubai held in 2016, in the event, they prepared as much as $1 million bonuses, and finally the age of 15 British boy won the championship. In March 2016, organized by SHENZHEN association of UAV, joint enterprise, nearly 20 domestic industries established China’s first UAV racing league, then began to invite professional referees and drone race team, prepare the UAV racing series.


The drone racing divided into 3 level of knockout,promotion race and finals. There are total of 50 contestants, and about 5000 audiences watched the competition at contest site. Through the fierce competition, in finally, Kunhuang Li and Tao Wang who come from China win the championship and the Second. This drone racing is hold in indoor,and has the complex electromagnetic environment, it’s more difficult than outdoor,so crashing can’t be avoided. But champion of Kunhuang Li with his superior flying skills, crowned.

In this drone racing China, the champion of Kunhunag Li and the other pilots choose the Tattu FPV battery,it not only the Tattu battery has high profile and favorable comment of rate in the UAV field, but also they test the Tattu lipo battery after the use of trust, so they chose Tattu batteries for this competition.


Tattu FPV battery is according to the FPV, they has moderate volume,light weight and high discharge rate. At present,through on average 4 series of lithium battery pack, nominal voltage of 14.8v, the UAV battery capacity most of the 1300mah battery, and lipo battey discharge rate around 75c, using professional 5A battery charger for about 20 minutes. Of course,there are some pilots commonly use the capacity of battery,such as1800mah,1550mah and 1050mah battery.


In the competition, the pilots of the psychological and flight skills is important, but also the performance of battery is good or bad is also very important.

Why Such a Short Time of RC Lipo Battery

The RC lipo battery has a limited life, like as human, cars. Under normal circumstances, RC lipo battery after about 200 times the charge and discharge of storage capacity to the discharge will be significantly decreased, use time is also lower. How to use the 200 times charge-discharge? Or how to extend the battery lifespan? Let’s to listen the battery expert’s recommend.

At first, charge the highest voltage of 4.20v

It’s known to all, 4.20v is always the highest voltage of lipo battery, but with the development of technology and improvement. At present, most of manufacturers of lipo battery can be safe to reach 4.25v, even more of the top technology manufacturers can achieve 4.30v, so 4.30v is the highest voltage at current technology.
Model airplane with lipo battery charger are basic set voltage 4.20v, so use charger of voltage 4.20v to charge the lipo battery is OK, but if you raise the highest voltage to charge (such as 4.35v), they will irreversible damage the lipo battery.

At second, discharge the lowest voltage of 2.75v

Maybe many hobbyists have some questions, why? After research, every RC lipo battery has stage of voltage test from 4.20v to 2.75v. No matter from the battery internal structure theory of data, or from the battery discharge measurement, the lowest voltage is 2.75v.

Remind the important thing to hobbyists,at first tell you the roughly of the battery voltage contrast parameters:

2.75V approximately equal to 0%; 3.56V approximately equal to 5%; 3.70V approximately equal to 10%; 3.75V approximately equal to 20%; 3.85V approximately equal to 50%.

If not do scientific research and the battery with high resolution, the above data can be treated as a standard data. If there couldn’t find the same leaves in the world, and also couldn’t find two pieces of the same parameters of batteries, only the parameters of similar. So more than the contrast of voltage and power relations we only use symbols to represent “approximately equal to”.
From the above battery voltage compare relations you can know, when the battery voltage to 3.56v is only 5% of the electricity, the 5% of the electricity control isn’t good, it’s easy to reach 0% of the limit value, more than the limit, the battery bilge gas immediately.

At third, within 1c charge current to the RC Lipo battery without injure. 5c charging isn’t recommend

Battery charging is a process of converts electrical energy into chemical energy, is a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction has considerable relationship with temperature and pressure. The earliest lithium battery only lithium and manganese substances, the reaction procedure for Li+MnO2=LiMnO2 is REDOX reaction.

Why the cheap RC battery pack has the using lifespan?

According to the experimental data and theoretical prove, within 1c charge current to the battery without injure. More than 2c current will cause the capacity declined slight, and then up to the 5c current, the capacity obvious reduction.

The mainly reason of capacity reduction is the battery internal material generated crystal lead to chemicals. So we use the 1c current to charge is benefits the RC lipo battery.


A breakthrough of the flight time of the industrial level UAVs battery

There’s a breakthrough of UAV battery.
In the beginning of this year, the first domestic high mobility X8 multi-rotor drones with 7*24 hours’ flight time was release in Chuangzhi Technology Center, Shanghai, China. This drone is called “skyhook” and adopts irregular ground power transmission system to support the continuous flight. It can carry visible light zoom camera, infrared camera, airborne radar and communication antenna to supervise the security, deal with emergency danger and control the traffic. Those are all the impossible missions for the consumer level drones among the market.

the breakthrough of flight time

Previously, the flight time mainly hinders the drone scene application. Skyhook makes the continuous flight come true. Compared with the consumer level drones, Skyhook uses a suit of power supply unit form the ground with the power transmission system, communication signal and a cable made of fiber that can connect with the cars or other fixed device on the ground. All of those ensure that the drone can be mobile can work continuously.
TATTU is remarkable in the field of battery for drones. The ultra-long flight time, smart battery and protection of low voltage are all the strengths. In the storage, compared with the other battery, the Tattu battery can stop discharging once the voltage reaches 3.5V and self-protect(3s 2200mah lipo).
In addition to the flight time, the perception and identification is another main problem for drones.
There are three measures to realize the perception and identification. First, depend on the extra sensor, the radar, because it is hard for drones to fly safely in the shared areas without people’s supervision and control. Second, identify the object by the drone’s camera, which need strong computation ability. Finally, a traditional computation, which need the drone designed to identify or escape the threat by the precise computation, and comprehend how the object is identified while moving. Skyhook adopts that carrying different devices such as infrared camera and laser radar 3D scanning topography, and analyzes by the returned images.
No matter which measure, the key is to let drones know their surrounding, which is very helpful, even though the application scenarios are very limited. For example, they can identify whether there is hole on the frozen roads, find the fires while patrolling in the forest, and find the footprints of the missing climbers.

The diversity of application scenarios

For next steps, some company will research how to carry different load to accomplish tasks according to the application scenarios. For example, the forestry has comparatively low automation rate, and the drones can fly for patrol 24 hours instead of labor. Another application scenario that can be imagined is that in the disaster of Tianjin explosion, drones can be used to test the temperature, gas composition and microarticle in the air. Also, with the visible light and infrared camera, it can search the signs of life.
In recent years, drones have been firstly applied in the anti-terrorist, drug control, traffic dispersion, fire-fighting and other safety tasks. The quantity of purchase has been increased. In 2014, the public security organization has purchased more than 60 drones, and until the third season, 2015, the public security organization has purchase over 300 drones, which is five times more than 2014.
Drones have developed dramatically from civil use to commercial use.
Drones also applied in agriculture irrigation. The drones can irrigate 40 times faster than manual irrigation. Using the microwave radar, drones can scan the ground in real time, keep a suitable distance and control the volume of liquid. It can fly 8 meters per second, and cover the crops with liquid evenly. It can switch the mode among fully automatic, half-automatic and manual operation, and has the property of dust protection, waterproof, corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it can fold.
Apart from the agriculture, the traditional geography has taken advantage of the professional drones, such as monitoring weathering, observing the change of river and glacier. The archaeologist and historian are using the drones loaded with common digital cameras to 3c modelling and restore the scene of ancient architecture relics.
The wide range of application brings new trouble for drones. The drones have the characteristics of low altitude, low speed, small objective, so they are hard to supervision, detect and dispose, especially the prevention and control. It need further observation and research that how to regulate this safety factors, since illegal photography or delivering drugs is a countless phenomenon.


Can Gasoline Engines Replace UAV Batteries to extend UAV flight time?

Flight time has been a very vexing problem for most of UAV hobbyists. Generally speaking, the flight time for the high end consumer-level UAV is about 25mins; however, the flight time of UAVs for commercial use is not that long.

Many companies desire longer flight time for their own UAVs and are depressed by a constant replacement and charging for the batteries. Most UAVs are powered by the high-end lipo batteries, also regarded as the low energy density battery. That is to say, as to its voltage, the volume of this battery should not be that big. It is unrealistic get a longer flight time for the UAVs by just adding the batteries packs.


After the research and development, Pegasus has come out with a solution of using gasoline instead of using batteries. This company is now having a beta test for the GE-30RangeExtender system, which is a gas-electric hybrid that can be inserted in the battery terminals for most of the commercial- level UAVs. The flight time for the current UAVs is lengthened to 2 hours owing to this system, and it is possible that this system would be used for the bigger models in the future.

The gasoline can bring more energy than the battery according to energy density. A record from the American Institute of Physics shows that the energy of a car filled with gasoline equals to the energy that a thousand dynamite rods can make, and the energy density of the gasoline is 50 times higher than the UAV battery.

In essence, RangeExtender is the two-stroke internal combustion engine that fits for the UAVs though it is not as easy as it sounds. You can not just install the rotors on the grass trimmer to make it fly, or maybe someone has already done this before. Of course, you can make an UAV that looks like a grass trimmer, but that would be a different story.

RangeExtender is a system of gas-electric hybrid made from Pegasus, which can generate appropriate power to wheels, but it is not equipped with electric engine and gas engine as the hybrid electric. RangeExtender is not just mechanically integrated with the UAV but a micro edition of the power system used by large ships. It converts the energy powered by the gas engine into electric power and provides power for the electric motor to make the propellers work.

A good news is that RangeExtender can be purchased in this late summer. RangeExtender would be used by large commercial UAVs. Till now, Pegasus has not mentioned the price, but it has put forward by the MattMcRoberts that RangeExtender would cost far less than $12000 of an annual expense of the batteries for most of commercial UAV operators.

Pegasus is not the first company who’s tried to solve the existing problems for the UAV battery. TopFlightTechnologie from Massachusetts has tried to use generator, powered by gas engine, to charge for the UAV batteries. The hydrogen fuel cell provided by the UK IntelligentEnergy can also extend 2 hours’ flight time for the UAVs just as the Pegasus system.

Of course, nobody gets cheered by the gas-powered UAVS besides the operators who use commercial UAVs to survey the petrol pipeline or mine. According to the record of US Energy Information Administration, a gallon of petrol could produce nearly 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. The gasoline, maybe, can not replace the UAV batteries but it is a new step forward towards the UAV flight time issues. Grepow is now achieving great success in UAV batteries, and many UAV pilots are getting impressed by its new smart battery-Tattu battery. You may also take a look at the tattu batteries if you’re interested in it.