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TATTU Battery-The Magic Weapon of Drone Racing China

In the end of the SHENZHEN international drone exhibition. The Drone Racing China attract attention of many visitors, they are make up of the teams from China, the Netherlands, the United States and so on, they staged a international Drone racing in SHENZHEN, CHINA.


Although the drone racing is still in the primary stage, and a few of rules and technology needs to improve, but it has attracted many UAV hobbyists. Drone racing can fly in the outdoor or indoor, and also put up the glasses, through video transmission system to experience FPV(First Person View) drone racing.


Quadcopter in the competition, the fastest speed can reach more than 200 kilometer per hour, combined with various obstacles,lighting effects,etc.,feel so shocked. One of most famous drone racing is Dubai held in 2016, in the event, they prepared as much as $1 million bonuses, and finally the age of 15 British boy won the championship. In March 2016, organized by SHENZHEN association of UAV, joint enterprise, nearly 20 domestic industries established China’s first UAV racing league, then began to invite professional referees and drone race team, prepare the UAV racing series.


The drone racing divided into 3 level of knockout,promotion race and finals. There are total of 50 contestants, and about 5000 audiences watched the competition at contest site. Through the fierce competition, in finally, Kunhuang Li and Tao Wang who come from China win the championship and the Second. This drone racing is hold in indoor,and has the complex electromagnetic environment, it’s more difficult than outdoor,so crashing can’t be avoided. But champion of Kunhuang Li with his superior flying skills, crowned.

In this drone racing China, the champion of Kunhunag Li and the other pilots choose the Tattu FPV battery,it not only the Tattu battery has high profile and favorable comment of rate in the UAV field, but also they test the Tattu lipo battery after the use of trust, so they chose Tattu batteries for this competition.


Tattu FPV battery is according to the FPV, they has moderate volume,light weight and high discharge rate. At present,through on average 4 series of lithium battery pack, nominal voltage of 14.8v, the UAV battery capacity most of the 1300mah battery, and lipo battey discharge rate around 75c, using professional 5A battery charger for about 20 minutes. Of course,there are some pilots commonly use the capacity of battery,such as1800mah,1550mah and 1050mah battery.


In the competition, the pilots of the psychological and flight skills is important, but also the performance of battery is good or bad is also very important.

How To Extend Your Drone Battery Lifespan?

With the high science and technology development, the price of drone is lower and lower but it’s more and more advanced. However, there is a big problem-battery lifespan all hobbists face when flying drones. To all the batteries and drones manufacturers surprised, the short lifespan problems caused mostly by the pilots careless and ignorant management, and have no idea about how to protect and extend the batteries lifespan.


Then how to extend your drones battery lifespan? Here we go:

TIP 1: Never overcharge your battery

Lipos (the types of batteries on most drones) are serious business. They are highly volatile, prone to damage and can cause fires. Despite highly responsible ownership, a lipo battery is still thought to be the cause of a fire that burned down an RC shop in San Diego, and numerous videos show other accidents involving lips. And fire caused when they are charging without paying attention to its charge state.If you let them alone to charge for a long time, it’s likely that they can explode and result in a fire. The first stages of overcharging will cause your battery to puff up, become swollen or otherwise misshapen. If your battery appears puffy, responsibly dispose of the battery immediately.

So overcharging is potentially dangerous, and also do harm to your drone battery life extremely. So never over charge them till spontaneously ignited, then all things will get terribly horrible.

TIP 2: Charge your battery in time

You can’t let your battery drain automatically without any care and charge your drone’s battery right before you’re about to use it. It can ruin your battery when has empty capacity for a long time. So even you won’t use them for a long time, you need to charge them periodically. But don’t fully charge the battery. Instead, charge it only 60% of the way and store it in a safe place. Then, when you’re ready to fly, finish charging it to maximum capacity.

At the same time, you need to get a good charger which fit your battery a lot. Charge times tend to be relative to the capacity of the battery. You can shorten charge time by using a charger with a higher output, which is indicated by amps. For example, the DJI Phantom 2 charger is 2 amps and it will take 1h to 1.5h to charge the battery. Using an aftermarket charger that charges at 6 amps would cut down the charge time by over half. Proceed with caution when charging your drone battery.


TIP 3: Get seperated drone battery

This tip why it’s better to get seperated battery for your drones is because that even one battery damaged or worn, it doesn’t have an impact on the other batteries. Then it will reduce losses cost and protect your drones better. This will in other way to extend your battery lifespan. Obviously that many drone makers including DJI and Yuneec have recently started using seperated “Smart Batteries” for their drones, which can not only meaning every battery is respectively seperated, but also display remaining battery capacity. Additionally, power management is handled internally so the battery doesn’t require a separate balance lead to control charging. Tattu Smart battery is highly recommended to you.


Tip 4: Choose a larger capacity battery

Most drones will equipped with a lower or mid capacity battery to reduce the cost in that drone. These batteries usually do not offer a long flight time or are made up of good high quality rechargeable cells. So we recommend to go at least the next higher or two steps up in capacity in your drone than what was supplied originally. However one thing to keep in mind here is to pay attention to the weight of the battery and make sure to not add to much weight.

Tip 5: Reduce the whole drone’s weight

You can install the camera to the drone when it is needed. If you are just flying your drone to enjoy it and not trying to capture any video then leave the camera off. The camera will not only add more weight but it also drains the battery due to it needing to be powered to run. And the reducing weight will reduce the harm when drones fall down.

The above tips for protecting battery life and drones are very important to us, or the battery is easily damage or dead in a short time. And buy a good quality brand like Tattu(14.8v lipo battery), Bonka or Turnigy is very important to have a longer lifespan.

Consider You To Insight Into the UAV Terms

Are you currently occasionally truly feel puzzled when see some good nouns about UAV? Do you actually get what they imply at some point? Now we’ll take some pretty regular UAV terms to explain and fully grasp them deeply.


The phrase UAS(unmanned aircraft process)includes the drone and any ground and remote programs which can be utilized to control the flight in the vehicle which include software programming.


A drone or perhaps a UAV(UAV BATTERY),which stands for Unmanned Aerial Automobile,can be created from the form of the helicopter,an airplane,or multirotor.So,by well-liked terminology, any automobile that flies and doesn’t possess a pilot inside the cockpit manually steering it would be a drone.It may very well be managed by a human by way of a remote or by pre-programmed laptop application.tend to be favored for missions which might be too”dull, dirty or dangerous”for manned aircraft.They have and are mostly found in military and unique operation applications. Even though,UAVs are increasingly discovering utilizes in civil and recreational applications,this kind of as policing and surveillance, aerial filming,and drone racing.Often,UAV is the very same meaning as drone.



A helicopteris a kind of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are provided by rotors.This allows the helicopter to vertical take-off and landing(VTOL),and also to fly forward,backward,and laterally.These attributes permit helicopters for being employed in congested or isolated places,which suggests that it doesn’t have higher requirement on the working spot.It could be controlled by a human by means of a remote or by pre-programmed laptop computer software.


A multirotor or multicopter can be a rotorcraft with a lot more than two rotors.An benefit of multirotor aircraft would be the easier rotor mechanics demanded for flight manage. Contrary to single- and double-rotor helicopters which use complicated variable pitch rotors whose pitch varies because the blade rotates for flight stability and management,multirotors usually use fixed-pitch blades;manage of vehicle movement is accomplished by various the relative pace of every rotor to change the thrust and torque developed by just about every.


As a result of their ease of the two development and manage,multirotor aircraft are commonly made use of in radio management aircraftand UAV projects in which the names tricopter, quadcopter,hexacopter and octocopter are frequently used to refer to 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-rotor helicopters,respectively.


Fixed Wing Aircraft(Airplane)

A fixed-wing aircraft is definitely an aircraft,such as an aeroplane,which is capable of flight using wings that generate lift induced by the vehicle’s forward airspeed and the form with the wings. Fixed-wing aircraft are distinct from rotary-wing aircraft,by which the wings type a rotor mounted on the spinning shaft,through which the wings flap in equivalent manner to a bird.Fixed-wing aircraft’s landing and taking-off demands much more open field.


First-person view (FPV),also called remote-person view (RPV),or just video piloting,can be a method employed to regulate a radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot’s view stage. Most frequently it is utilised to pilot a radio-controlled aircraft or other variety of unmanned aerial motor vehicle (UAV).The vehicle is either driven or piloted remotely from a first-person standpoint by means of an onboard camera.When use FPV(FPV battery),the perdon will put on a pair of committed glasses,and people can see the view simultaneously from the camera inside the FPV.

All above UAV I stated are electric but not fuel variety,so they require battery to support for functioning.The battery I choose is gens ace 2s lipo,whose high-quality and service is exceptional.Have a consider,my friend!

How To Reduce The Potential Risk Of Drones?

The low-cost of buying and operating remotely piloted aircraft (drones) for commercial use has opened up a world of opportunity. With drones uses emerging in search and rescue, surveying, crop dusting and even deliveries, accidents, injuries and the potential for lawsuits are bound to follow. Some businesses are beginning to look at opportunities to revolutionize how basic services and dangerous tasks might be performed in the future. However, to revolutionize drones and make it more widely used, solving the potential risk of drones is the first and foremost task.


1. Natural Environment

Drones should avoid flying in complex terrain as far as possible to ensure the safety problem. We can’t fly drones in storm, high temperature and high humidity, rainy, cold or windy days. But on the other hand, many dangerous missions can be only done by drones.Then we need to adjust our mind, after all, the pilot’s life is far more important than drone’s.

2. Safety by design

The responsibility of safe drone use does not just fall on the user. Manufacturers have recognised the importance of technology in developing drone safety.

The spareparts like flight control system, motors, prepellers, ESC and esc. Parts made by manufacturers should be in stable quality that they won’t easily broken, spcially in flying. And the drones battery used are supposed to be in good quality and condition, or the drone would drop down once the battery cann’t work and support it. A good 2s 7.4v lipo battery like Tattu,Turnigy with excellent and stable and they are lighter, so they are well recommended here for you.


3. Misoperation

When flying in the sky, drones need to be operated and controlled by pilots on the ground. Cause drones autopilot cannot think, the flying track is completely controlled by command of ground pilots.

To avoid errors caused by accident, on the one hand, the flight control system should be made more intelligent and has alarm function to the wrong operation.On the other hand, pilots should also improve operating level to fly more stable and professional.

4. Reduce the weight

Weight is one of the most effective way to reduce the potential risk of drones. This will come true with the emerging of light-duty and miniaturization of equipments and materials. On the other hand, multirotors equipped with parachute is another good choice to reduce the impact when drones falling.

5.Set no-fly zone

Geo-fencing, is an on-board GPS and mapping system (also known as “cyber fences”) which prevents drones from flying into restricted airspace. There is a recognised need at the European Commission to encourage investment in technologies that are required to integrate drones into the aviation systems covering European airspace.

As long as no flying in the densely populated areas, a drone’s crash won’t cause a severe damage to human. But in the densely populated area, the negative impact of drone’s crash will increase greatly. Without special approval, drones should not be flying in the densely populated are which will result in life risks. In addition, in the sparsely area, pilots can send massage to surrounding people to improve safety coefficient.

To improve drones’ safety and efficiency is the first step for more widely and variety used in many areas, so it requires manufacturers and hobbists effort together. Keep in mind the above 5 points, we will fly and enjoy our hobby in a more pleasant and safely environment.


How should beginners begin FPV racing: DIY or buy a FPV Sets?

FPV drone racing has become a very popular activity recently worldwide.There are many asks about how and where to start FPV drone racing. Here I will write a article on how to start drone racing especially for beginners.

Basically there are two ways you can start FPV drone racing.

1.DIY:Build drones using parts you get at RC shops .

2.Buy a FPV Sets.


One of fun parts of DIY FPV drones is that you can choose parts of your taste. Here I’ll try to build a FPV Quadcopter for example.

Step 1: Watch the video!

You can watch

Step 2: What you need?

1.4 motors

2.4 ESC

3.1 RC transmitter and receiver

4.1 Flight controlle

5.1 Lipo battery Tattu 3s 1300mah lipo

6.250 Quadcopter frame


8.Assorted tools


1.Fpv Camera

2.Fpv transmitter and receiver


Step 3: Frame

Begin by roughly build you frame and attaching motors to the arms of the FPV Frame.

When you finished, the drones should be like the last picture.

Step 4: Solder on ESC

Install the motors to the esc’s by soldering them.

Step 5: Programing Flight Controller

Now its time to program the flight controller

Flash the board , and make sure all the settings are correct.


Step 6: Wiring


This is where things might get confusing.

I have added a diagram that helped me when I made my quadcopter.Notice that two wires have been reversed. This switches the motors direction on the quadcopter in order to lift it into the air.

Step 7: Debugging and Testing

Now its time to test and debug the FPV Racing Drone.Using the assorted tools on clean flight, check everything is working

Most important:




Step 8: Add battery

Now simply plug in your battery and let the flight controller calibrate itself for about a minute.

Battery recommend:Tattu 3s 75c 1300mah lipo


Some tips:

Fly in open fields

Use a FPV Battery Lipo alarm

Be careful

Thats it go and fly your quadcopter!

Here comes another option: Buy almost-ready-to-fly racing drones.

2)Buy professional FPV Sets

While there are pretty much FPV racing drones in the market, I would recommend two famous FPV racing drones.

A,ImmersionRC Vortex

Well-designed ARF racing drones which has two models: 285mm and 250mm sizes. 285mm-sized Vortex has a super light weight body which makes the quad fly quite fast. On the other hand, the 250mm-sized Vortex Pro released recently has more powerful motors with faster flight controller processing speed. Many teams used Vortex Pro at World Drone Prix Dubai, which shows that this quad meets professional requirements.

B,Team BlackSheep Vendetta

Well-known and new ARF racing drone. Clean-and-neatly design with no wires that are visible on Vendetta.

Other than the design, another defference from Vortex is its speed controller capacity that can go with as high as 6 cell batteries. As you are a beginner, you’d better not try batteries higher than 4 cells as these are too powerful for beginners. 3 cell lipo batteries is good for beginners.

Once you get these ARF racing drones, you just need FPV Lipo batteries-Tattu 3s 75c 1300mah lipo, goggles/monitor, controller and RC receiver to start drone racing. I will touch upon how to fly ARF drones in another article.

In conlusion, I would surely recommend FPV Sets to beginners who want to start drone racing immediately.It is really hard to build a quad successfully by yourself as you often end up in a situation where your quad won’t fly at all due to bad soldering, wiring or some other problems.And make sure you get enough batteries.For most FPVs,3s~4S ,1300~22000mAh LiPo battery would be great,like Tattu 3s 75c 1300mah lipo.

It is recommeded to DIY drones by yourself to gain basic knowledge of FPV Racing Drones, which will help you when you need to repair drones,this will save time and money.